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The Auronzo ice rink will be demolished. Meanwhile, we skate on the outdoor rink

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The Auronzo ice rink will be demolished.  Meanwhile, we skate on the outdoor rink

«Il Auronzo ice rink? The only viable solution isfelling». In the days in which the Administration (in collaboration with the Cadore cooperative) launches the outdoor ice skating rink on an experimental basis for three months of Piazza Santa Giustina, the mayor Dario Vecellio back to talking about an age-old problem.

«We said it during the electoral campaign and I repeat it today without any doubt», he underlines, «We will no longer invest a single cent in the ice rink. It’s about a obsolete structuremarked by time. At this moment there are no conditions for carrying out buffer operations useful for making it available even for a short period. The structure is too big and complains of a long series of problems; even if we wanted to, we wouldn’t even know where to start».

Chapter to be closed as soon as possible and then give way to a completely new idea.

«Having said that the idea at the moment is the demolition of the current structure», adds Dario Vecellio, «we will evaluate what will be born in its place together with the associations that have written the history of Auronzano sport and its ice rink. The goal at the moment is to proceed with therapid slaughter. The area in which the ice rink stands is dedicated to sports. In place of the ice rink, a structure for the practice of ice sports. No change of intended use will be taken into consideration.”

Said of what will be, at the moment skating enthusiasts will have a valid alternative available so far always missing.

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«As part of the Christmas attractions, we decided to build one in piazza outdoor skating rink», announced the councilor for sport Michele De Luca, «it will be inaugurated tomorrow and will remain available until 8 March with a precise objective. Representing a proposal not only for tourists but also for our kids who are passionate about ice skating. That of an alternative skating rink to the ice rink was an idea that we advanced during the electoral campaign. Today we transform it into reality thanks to the support of the municipal offices and workers».

The rink will be open every daymanaged by the Cadore cooperative with the following timetables: from 8 to 11 December from 10 to 12 and from 16 to 20; from 12 to 24 December from 4 to 7 pm; from 25 December to 8 January from 10 to 12 and from 16 to 20 (1 January from 16 to 20); from 9 January to 8 March afternoon opening from 16 to 19.

costs: 5 euros for adults to which must be added 3 euros for the rental of skates. For children up to 12 years the rental is free, you only pay the entrance of 5 euros.

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