Home News The automated sampling robot can enter the community 24 hours a day without interruption “as you go”, which is convenient and safe – Teller Report Teller Report

The automated sampling robot can enter the community 24 hours a day without interruption “as you go”, which is convenient and safe – Teller Report Teller Report

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The automated sampling robot can enter the community 24 hours a day without interruption “as you go”, which is convenient and safe – Teller Report Teller Report

The automated sampling robot can enter the community 24 hours a day without interruption “as you go”, which is convenient and safeFly into the homes of ordinary people

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Jiang Yuezhong) Place the mouthpiece, adjust the mouth shape, press the button to start the device… A nucleic acid sampling can be completed in about 30 seconds, but the sampler is not a “big white”, but a robot. The whole process Fast, standard and safe. Recently, an automated unmanned sampling machine has been introduced in Linfen Road Street, Jing’an District. The simple operation process and fast user experience basically meet the various sampling needs of the majority of residents. At the same time, it also greatly eases the burden of manual sampling. At present, the machine, which can provide services 24 hours a day, is being tested by street epidemic prevention staff. These intelligent devices can ‘add bricks and mortar’ to the community’s epidemic prevention and effectively protect the safety of residents.”

Caption: The exterior of the nucleic acid sampling booth. Photo courtesy of Linfen Road Street (the same below)

30 seconds to finish fast and good

“The automated unmanned sampling machine eliminates the need to wait for staff to remove cotton swabs and disinfect hands, which greatly shortens the sampling time. And the sampling process is completely in accordance with the specification of ‘three laps left and three laps right’, which is fast and good.” Mr. Zhou, a resident who has just experienced automated sampling, said excitedly.

The nucleic acid sampling booth equipped with an automated unmanned sampling machine covers an area of ​​less than 3 square meters. After scanning the “nucleic acid code” to register, residents who come to sample need to place a disposable mouthpiece at the sampling window, and adjust their mouth shape according to the prompts. , hold the mouthpiece, press the sampling button, the robotic arm will grab a cotton swab and slowly stretch it to the throat. After touching the posterior wall of the pharynx, the robotic arm began to gently collect secretions in “three circles to the left and three circles to the right”. After sampling, the robot’s right arm slowly retracted and placed the swab into the test tube, and a device was used to cut the swab. Finally, the test tube is tightened again, and the residents take off the mouthpiece and discard it to the nearby medical waste bin to complete the entire sampling process. The overall time spent is only 30 seconds.

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Recently, the temperature has gradually increased, and the protective clothing is airtight. Under the long-term sampling work, the sampling personnel are sweating profusely every time, which is very hard. The introduction of automated unmanned sampling machines can reduce the burden on medical workers. The unmanned sampling process also reduces the risk of cross-infection. Standardized sampling method to ensure accurate and reliable results of each sampling.

Caption: The robotic arm samples the residents

Epidemic prevention builds “smart defense line”

The street has also recently introduced an intelligent disinfection service robot, and its cute appearance has aroused the curiosity of residents. Some residents deliberately stand on the path of the robot, and the robot will issue a voice prompt of “I’m working, please let me go”, and can also interact with residents in some simple languages.

This intelligent disinfection service robot is one of a batch of digital intelligent equipment introduced by the street to consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention. The time and path are set through the control panel. The robot can achieve non-contact disinfection in the reception hall every day, and comprehensively improve the protection level. Efficient, safer and more convenient. Mr. Tan, the property manager of Henglian, introduced: “Every day, the robot will disinfect the lobby on the first floor at 6 time periods between 9:00 and 16:00. Every 20 minutes is enough for the robot to disinfect twice.”

The disinfection mist sprayed by the robot is very dense, and special disinfection tablets without pungent odor are used to ensure the safety of the human body. The set time interval is basically 1 hour, so that even during the lunch break in the reception hall, the robot is still working, which not only relieves the pressure of cleaning staff, but also makes the residents who come to handle business feel at ease.

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Caption: Intelligent disinfection service robot at work

It is understood that in addition to intelligent disinfection service robots, the streets have also introduced digital “weapons” such as “cloud speakers”, electronic probes, and smart access control. For example, the 5G “cloud speaker” used in the previous nucleic acid screening work, the device supports changing voice or text on the mobile phone, setting the playback time “cloud speaker”, and converts it into a broadcast in real time through remote input and sends it to various points in the residential area Position, sub-regional difference broadcast, greatly improving the work efficiency of community cadres. Electronic probes and smart access control are the “electronic sentinels” of the community, which can monitor the flow of people in the community in real time, help on-site managers to deal with abnormal situations in a timely manner, and greatly improve the accuracy and safety of community epidemic prevention checkpoints.

The application of these digital smart devices not only “reduces the burden and increases efficiency” for the staff, but also brings convenience to the residents’ epidemic prevention and life. The street has long adhered to the needs of residents and expanded its digital application scenarios around new infrastructure, new space, new forms, new models and new experiences, so that every resident can fully enjoy the beautiful life brought about by digital transformation.

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