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By the Sacristan

Anarkos, waste dump without land use permit

“We honor our commitment to health and life: we demolished the ruins of the former Anarkos shopping center. We will finish works on block 99 with the structural fill. We comply; Now the co-owners must make decisions“, the mayor of Popayán, Juan Carlos López Castrillón, wrote last week on his X account.

Mayor López Castrillón says: “…Now the co-owners must make decisions”, as if the Municipality of Popayán were unrelated to that property, when it has more than 20% of the co-ownership, being the owner with the highest coefficient. But, even if it has the greatest participation in that property, the Municipality cannot turn it into a dump, because its mixed use does not allow it, it is not compatible, even if it is structural fill, much less turn it into a dump with demolition materials, without that is contemplated in the POT or the MEWP, which would be illegal. It is known that the environmental permit for the landfill is still pending. Don’t let the same thing happen to the Mayor’s Office regarding the environmental license for Los Próceres Avenue.

The assembly of co-owners has not been consulted for its approval or not, whether it agrees with the change of land use of the Anarkos and turning it into a waste dump. Likewise, some co-owners wonder where materials from the demolition, such as iron, went. Are those materials priceless? Or does everything go to the landfill or waste dump on site? Have the co-owners received a report on the matter?

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Demolition of the former Anarkos shopping center.

Apparently the Municipality of Popayán, with its legal representative at the head, to leave the waste dump lot, without any project or proposal that corresponds to that important block, which is 99 of the historic sector, actions and decisions are repealed without having authorization of the Assembly of co-owners, such as the change of land use, taking into account that this property is governed by private law, by Law 675/01; On the other hand, now with ‘scorched earth’, the local president, who is left owing the updates of the POT and the PEMP to Popayán, leaves them with the problem of Anarkos to the other co-ownersas if it were not also the Municipality, which he represents and which in four years has not managed to propose any project on that site, in accordance with the sector.

Three strong candidates for Mayor

For the Mayor of Popayán, 19 candidates came out of the party, of which eight have withdrawn, who have joined other candidates, supposedly stronger, with certain agreements, which they have called ‘programmatic’, a word that rhymes with bureaucratic.

According to polls, there are three candidates who are at the top of the competition: Diana Nelly Fuentes Meneses, Juan Carlos Muñoz Bravo and José Luis Diago Franco. But, there may be surprises this Sunday, October 29.

Aspirants to the Popayán Council

On this occasion, unlike four years ago, there are suitable candidates from various parties for the Popayán Council, honest professionals who know the problems of the city, want and are prepared to help carry out plans that have been left in the pipeline in the current administration, such as the POT and the PEMP, vital for the development of the city. It is trusted, of course, that they would not genuflex with whoever wins the Mayor’s Office this October 29, as many of the current members of that corporation have been. That is to say, there is something to choose from and it is the responsibility of citizens at the polls to vote well, conscientiously, without allowing themselves to be pressured.

Public employees and contractors

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With cell phones, anyone takes photographs, and these days, the focus has been on the rallies and closings of the political campaign, in many of them even uploaded to social networks, the most careful have found in those images public employees, contractors and even spouses of senior officials, who are located very close to the main table, perhaps to make themselves visible to the candidates. The images are evident and will help the control bodies to investigate the reported cases, in addition to the blatant purchase of votes by some campaigns.

Precisely, a report that the Comptroller General of Cauca has just sent says that: “In accordance with the political situation of the country that has been developing, complaints were received for intervention in politics by public officials in various municipalities of the department, which are being reviewed and studied in light of the evidence collected.”

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