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The Biden administration is exploded in contact with China to discuss the visit to Xi | Xi Jinping | US-China Relations

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[Epoch Times June 23, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian comprehensive report) Many overseas media reported that the Biden administration of the United States is launching the next phase of its China policy, which is to develop channels of communication with China in many ways.

The Financial Times reported on June 23 that three U.S. insiders revealed that the United States and China are discussing arrangements for a meeting between Secretary of State Brinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the G20 meeting in Italy next week. However, Reuters later quoted a State Department official as saying that Brinken and Wang Yi had no plans to meet next week.

Both the Financial Times and Reuters reported that the Biden administration told Beijing that it hopes to send US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman (Wendy Sherman) to visit China this summer. If Sherman can make the trip, he will become a successor to John. The second senior official of the Biden administration to visit China outside Kerry.

In addition, the White House is also considering the call between Biden and Xi Jinping. This will be the second call between Biden and Xi Jinping after he takes office.

The White House also held preliminary internal discussions on sending Blincoln or National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan to visit China this year, which may pave the way for Biden and Xi Jinping to hold bilateral summits during the G20 leaders’ meeting in Rome.

In the first few months of his presidency, Biden emphasized taking a patient attitude towards the CCP, while focusing on strengthening the United States and consolidating the international alliance.

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Bonnie Glaser, a senior researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a well-known American think tank, said that the Biden administration’s policy sequence is to first focus on reviving the U.S. economy, controlling the plague, and reinvigorating Western alliances. )dialogue.”

The Financial Times commented that the Biden administration’s consideration of the CCP’s “engagement policy” will trigger criticism from the American hawks, but it will be welcomed by the business community because the business community has been worried about the deterioration of the relationship between the world’s two largest economies.

It is not clear whether Beijing will agree to these contacts. According to a report in the Financial Times at the end of May, the Chinese military has rejected three times the application of the US Secretary of Defense Austin to talk to the Chinese military’s top officials.

Last Thursday, US National Security Adviser Sullivan said that the White House would consider arranging for a meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping. Both Biden and Xi Jinping are expected to attend the G20 meeting in Italy in October, but Sullivan said that no final decision has yet been made.

Soon after Sullivan’s statement, the U.S. State Department told the media that the proposal for the meeting did not mark any breakthrough in the relationship between the United States and China. It was only a manifestation of Biden’s commitment to diplomacy.

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