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“The Big Love”, Mini and BMW celebrate twenty years of love

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A 20-year love story that has influenced not only the world of cars, but also that of fashion, cinema and design, transforming the Mini into a pop icon. Bmw Group celebrated the twentieth birthday of “its” Mini with a series of events and a book, “The Big Love”, which tells the market debut of the new German generation, dated September 2001, reaching today, and the announcement that from the beginning of 2030 the brand will be fully electric.

The book was presented in Rome during an event that between spritz and macaroons wanted to pay homage to the irreverent, fun and colorful essence of Mini by reviewing the last twenty years. Through anecdotes, memories and quotes, the book traces the recent history of the little girl from Oxford, who has “scoured” between film festivals, exhibitions, reviews and glamorous events and who a month ago was at the center of an installation at Lucca Comics & Games entitled “The Big Love”: a John Cooper Works portrayed by Solo & Diamond, Roman street artists who represented her as she darted on the track jumping through a heart created by two hands.

“Mini is not just a product but a brand, which represents complicity, fun, passion and inclusion – said Stefano Ronzoni, director of Mini Italia – A challenge born 20 years ago and a confirmation still today, which holds together a vast fan base. of enthusiasts, who identify with the values ​​of the brand and find an answer in a complete range of products, which satisfies every type of need. From the first campaign, based on a question “Is it love?” to a statement decided today “The Big Love” ».

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“We start aboard a small car, a Mini that, growing up and becoming the Mini we all know today, has united two centuries, crossed a millennium, lived a thousand lives and even more transformations – added Paolo Matteo Cozzi, journalist and curator of the book – The classic Mini invented by Sir Alec Issigonis in 1959 has given way to the Mini designed by the BMW Group in 2001: both have been able to change the rules of the game ».

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