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The boy who broke the gas pipe in the center of Treviso has been identified: he is 16 years old

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The boy who broke the gas pipe in the center of Treviso has been identified: he is 16 years old

The investigation of the local police thanks to the cameras. He’s sixteen, he should have been in school. Due to the rupture of the pipe, two buildings in via Toniolo had been evacuated

TREVISO. It should have been in class, instead he was out and about with friends. And he thought of swinging on a gas pipe in via Toniolo, breaking it and causing the evacuation of an entire building.

The person responsible for the gas leak that took place on Friday 3 June in via Toniolo was identified by the Judicial Police Unit of the Treviso Local Police.

It is about a 16 year old from Treviso, of Moroccan origins, that on Monday morning he was blocked and transferred to command for his complete identification and to clarify his responsibilities.

“The boy initially tried to deny his involvement,” says the commander of the Treviso Local Police, Andrea Gallo. “In a few minutes he understood the gravity of the situation and above all that denying the evidence meant taking on additional responsibilities”

Being a minor, the parents were immediately summoned to the Command. Furthermore, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Venice was notified which ordered the report on the loose for a series of crimes including interruption of public service, aggravated damagedangerous jet of things and crimes that reach three years of imprisonment.

“The clues collected with the city video surveillance system were decisive,” highlights Gallo. “The images allowed the investigators to tighten the circle around the person responsible in a few days, so much so that not even 70 hours from the facts the suspect was already in command for identification. The investigations were, however, rather complicated as the face of the person responsible had been partially taken up ».

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The young man made it clear that the gesture was done for no particular reason other than for fun and for a form of exhibitionism in front of some girls present in the gardens. Unexcused absence from school was also recorded on that day. The institute has already received a report from the Command.

“I thank the Local Police for the great work and speed in the investigations”, the words of mayor Mario Conte. “In this case, it was important to identify the person responsible for an unconscious gesture that could have had tragic consequences. More generally, thanks to the great work of the Local Police with the Law Enforcement, whoever commits crimes or is responsible for damage within a few days or even a few hours, is identified or insured by the Justice. This is also why Treviso is a safe city ».

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