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The boys of Treviso Bulls at sea on Spirito di Stella

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Matteo di Treviso Bulls at the helm of Spirito di Stella

The athletes of the wheelchair hockey team participate in the trip along the coasts. At their side also “Walking for life” with Deborah Compagnoni

TREVISO. From the island of the Certosa di Venezia the catamaran The Spirit of Stella has released the moorings and unfolded the sails, to begin his journey along the Italian coasts under the sign of the sea and inclusion.

Since 2017, the WOW (Wheels on waves) project, conceived and promoted by the “Lo Spirito di Stella” Onlus Association, allows people of different cultures and abilities to live the unique and unforgettable experience of going out to sea on a sailing boat.

Last week at the inaugural salpo, among others, the new Minister for Disabilities Erika Stefani, the Councilor for Health of the Veneto Region Manuela Lanzarin, and the lawyer Paolo Romor representing the Municipality of Venice, as well as Deborah Compagnoni (in as president of the Association Skiing for Life Odv) together with the organizing team of Walking for Life and a representation of the athletes of the “Treviso Bulls”, a Powerchar Hockey team (wheelchair hockey).

Precisely the latter were the protagonists of the first outing at sea of ​​the special catamaran, aboard which they were able to experience for the first time the thrilling experience of being a sailor for a day.

«WOW starts again to give the opportunity to many people to to live the sea freely and to understand that where the environments are conceived and designed in the name of universal design, everyone benefits from it – commented Andrea Stella President of the “Lo Spirito di Stella” Association – The TV remote control was born for a disabled person and yet nobody would buy a television without a remote control today ».

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A group photo that also portrays the minister Stefani and the regional councilor Lanzarin on the hull before departure

A memorable day, especially for Treviso Bulss players for a “sailors” day. «Andrea Stella’s catamaran is the proof that everything can be made accessible even to disabled people – he commented Treviso Bulls president Eddy Bontempo – Saturday 5th June, after many months of rest due to the pandemic, we are back to training and with this wonderful initiative we are savoring the joy of returning to normality ». Excited too Christian and Matteo, two young brothers who are wheelchair hockey players from Treviso. “This is the first time I get on a boat and right now I don’t feel like I’m disabled because, I too with my brother and my dad, I can be on board this boat together with all the others – Christian says while observing with emotion the bell tower of San Marco aboard the “Spirito di Stella” – It is an experience that I will carry forever in my heart ».

Treviso president Bulls Bontempo aboard the catamaran

«The speed and feel of the wind that lashes the face unite the sport of sailing with alpine skiing », these are the words of Olympic champion Deborah Compagnoni to seal the ideal partnership between Lo Spirito di Stella and the Odv chaired by her, which since 2017 has been organizing an appointment every September in Treviso that has now become commonplace for Treviso and beyond. “Walking for Life” shares with the WOW project not only the year of birth, but also its spirit and purpose.

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«Personal wellbeing, accessibility, environmental sustainability these are themes that have always characterized Walking for Life, an appointment that every year offers one walk in urban and extra-urban areas, developed according to a path accessible to all (to the elderly person, to the mother with the stroller, to the distracted walker, to the person in a wheelchair, just to give a few examples), confirming that making a city free from architectural barriers and usable by all is possible », added the champion.

Walk for life it is in fact an event which, in addition to encouraging the adoption of a virtuous lifestyle through daily movement, promotes the discovery of Treviso’s peculiarities and their history.

Just a few days ago it was the tourist version of the route was donated to the City of Treviso of the 2020 edition. The appointment with Walking for Life is for next 12 September at the Park of the Province starting at 9 am. There are many new features in this fifth edition.

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