Home News The branch leads the village to be full of vitality (deep attention, focus on the grassroots, strengthen the foundation and consolidate the foundation ②)

The branch leads the village to be full of vitality (deep attention, focus on the grassroots, strengthen the foundation and consolidate the foundation ②)

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The branch leads the village to be full of vitality (deep attention, focus on the grassroots, strengthen the foundation and consolidate the foundation ②)

The function is stronger, the image is established, and the construction of rural grassroots party organizations provides a strong organizational guarantee for the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements and the effective connection of rural revitalization——

The branch leads the village to be full of vitality (deep attention, focus on the grassroots, strengthen the foundation and consolidate the foundation ②)

People’s Daily reporter Zhang Yang Wang Jintao Wang Yunna Zhu Lei

Photo ①: At the seedling base in Qinzhuang Village, Lixinzhuang Town, Shanxian County, Shandong Province, a young party member (right) who returned to his hometown to start a business and a technician inspect the growth of cucumber seedlings.

Photo by Liu Yulei (People’s Vision)

Photo ②: In Maozhuang Village, Duntou Town, Haian City, Jiangsu Province, party members and volunteers help lotus root farmers to harvest shallow water lotus root.

Photo by Zhou Qiang (People’s Vision)

To rejuvenate the nation, the countryside must be rejuvenated; to rejuvenate the countryside, building and strengthening rural grass-roots party organizations is the key.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has attached great importance to the construction of rural grassroots party organizations. “To do a good job in rural affairs and realize rural revitalization, grass-roots party organizations must be strong, and party members must be strong.” “There are many things in rural work, and it is the key to do a good job in the construction of rural grass-roots organizations”… A series of important expositions by General Secretary Xi Jinping are as follows: The Party’s rural grass-roots organization construction in the new era has pointed out the direction of efforts and provided fundamental guidelines.

All localities and departments insist on focusing on the grassroots, strengthening the foundation, and consolidating the basics. The functions of the rural grassroots party organizations have been further strengthened, and the image of party members and cadres has been further established, providing a strong organizational guarantee for the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements and the effective connection of rural revitalization.

The team is strong, the hearts are gathered

In midsummer, in Jianshan Village, Yongji Township, Longxi County, Gansu Province, the cement road leads directly to the county seat.

Today’s “Pastoral Song” is not easy to play in Jianshan Village. Just a year ago, it was “out of tune” and “out of tune”: the organization of the two village committees is weak, the ability to bring wealth is not strong, and it has prestige among the masses. not tall.

“If you take off the poor hat, you won’t grow up again.” Speaking of a year ago, the villager Zhou Guofu commented on the two village committees at that time.

In order to reverse this situation, in the re-election of the two committees in Yongji Village, the local area provided a prescription for Jianshan Village to consult and prescribe – to select the best and strengthen the “locomotive” of rural revitalization.

The change of office has brought a new atmosphere. Gao Ji’an, secretary of the party branch, is a university graduate, and the deputy secretary is a retired soldier. “The average age is 31 years old.” Gao Ji’an said, everyone thinks about one place and makes every effort, adopts the development model of “party branch + base + farmer”, builds 8 vegetable greenhouses, and tries to grow red pine mushrooms and lamb tripe. Special plateau summer vegetables such as mushrooms and five-headed vegetables. While working in vegetable greenhouses, Zhou Guofu built a 200-square-meter breeding shed, and gave a thumbs up to the current village committees and committees, “I calculated that last year, the family’s income was more than 60,000 yuan, which is more than before. More than 20,000 miles.”

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The train runs fast, thanks to the locomotive belt. Whether the fighting fortress of the village party organization is not firmly established, and whether the party members play their vanguard role well, is directly related to whether the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization can be implemented in the countryside, and whether the quality of production and life of the peasants can reach a new level. In recent years, various localities have generally increased their training and selection efforts through local village selection, external introduction, superiors, and open recruitment, and took the opportunity of reelection to focus on selecting the best and strong village teams.

At present, the new round of re-election of the two village committees across the country since October 2020 has been completed. After the re-election, the structure of the village team, especially the team of leaders, has been optimized as a whole. 46.4% of village party organization secretaries have a college degree or above, an increase of 19.9 percentage points; 73.6% of village party organization secretaries have a strong ability to become rich, such as those who have become wealthy experts in the village, those who have gone out to work and do business, college graduates, and retired soldiers. , an increase of 23.6 percentage points.

Continuing to rectify weak and scattered village party organizations is also an important task to consolidate the construction of rural grassroots party organizations. Each locality takes the county as a unit to conduct an investigation and comprehensive analysis on the operation of the village-level organization once a year, and study and determine the rectification target, and carry out rectification with “one village, one policy”. According to Zhang Haochong, director of the Organization Department of the Longxi County Party Committee, Longxi County seeks truth from facts, does not set proportions, and should exhaust all the problems in the rural field in terms of 10 aspects. Since 2019, 49 weak and disorganized party organizations have been rectified, and 68 party building demonstration sites have been built. The county’s village party organizations have been full of vitality.

The team is strong, and the people gather together. Jianshan Village, which was once weak and slack, is now strong in organization and united in people. The Jianshan Village Joint Stock Economic Cooperative has been established in the village to lead the villagers out of a new way of strengthening the village and enriching the people. “We will strengthen characteristic industries, enhance the appearance of the village, live up to the trust and trust of the villagers, and become the backbone to lead the masses to promote rural revitalization.” Gao Ji’an is full of confidence.

The industry is prosperous and the villagers are rich

Industrial prosperity is the premise of solving all problems in rural areas. In order to promote rural revitalization through party building, we must firmly grasp the important engine of party building leading industrial revitalization, and effectively promote the transformation of the political and organizational advantages of grassroots party organizations into development advantages for promoting industrial revitalization.

Entering Queshan Village, Dachengqiao Town, Ningxiang City, Hunan Province, there are high-yield rice demonstration bases, rice, shrimp, rice, and turtle industrial bases, vegetable planting bases, etc. The clean and tidy sightseeing trails are strung together with a farmhouse with a strong rural flavor. …

Eight years ago, the village was in a different situation: “there is land but no planting, and some people do not plant crops”. The contradiction between man and land is prominent, and hundreds of mu of cultivated land are abandoned. The village collective lacks a source of economic income, and the village collective debt is 2.13 million yuan. It was accompanied by disintegration of people and frequent conflicts.

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How to solve the problem? At that time, Chen Jian, secretary of the general branch of the village party, made a decision to set up a land cooperative. After patient and meticulous work, in 2015, the 4,168 mu of arable land of 1,235 households in the village was “turned into pieces” and incorporated into the Queshan Village Land Cooperative.

Revitalizing land resources is only the first step, and how to make good use of and develop it is the key. Chen Jian immediately turned his attention to capable young people and recruited talents widely. Ding Wei, a college graduate, went back to the village to build a planting and breeding base of more than 1,000 mu; Yin Jianjun, who was working and doing business abroad, also returned to the village to transfer more than 280 mu of mountain forest to the land cooperative to open a fruit picking garden…

“In these years, we have guided 28 college students to return to their hometowns to start businesses. They are highly knowledgeable and aggressive, and have become the main force in the revitalization of rural industries. Avoid homogeneous competition.” Chen Jian said.

In 2018, the General Party Branch of Queshan Village also established a Party Branch for Rural Revitalization, bringing together the leaders of party members under the age of 40 to become rich. “With the party branch as the link, everyone shares resources and seeks common development.” said Hu Bin, secretary of the rural revitalization party branch in Queshan Village.

Characteristic industries are prosperous, and the land in the village is “gold.” Thanks to the new agricultural production and management system of “Village Party General Branch + Land Cooperative + Party Members Get Rich Leaders”, the village’s collective economic income has risen year after year. In 2021, the collective economic income of Queshan Village will reach 1.14 million yuan, and the per capita net income of villagers will reach 32,000 yuan.

The butterfly change of Queshan Village is just a microcosm. In recent years, various localities and departments have coordinated and integrated policies, projects, funds, talents and other resources, and focused on strengthening the guidance and promotion of the revitalization of rural industries. The majority of rural grass-roots party organizations lead the villagers to work hard and continue to develop and strengthen the village collective economy.

Among them, some rural grass-roots party organizations have set up a “party building + industry” mechanism to promote grass-roots party organizations to “go up the industrial chain”, “into cooperatives” and “into planting and breeding land”, so as to better organize the masses of farmers to work together for development; some The rural grass-roots party organizations excavate local characteristics and advantages, explore development paths according to local conditions, lead villagers to develop characteristic industries, develop high-quality native products, design boutique rural tourism routes, and make rural industries worthwhile and profitable; some attract talents from all walks of life, Through the establishment and leadership of cooperatives by rich and capable people, villagers can be employed at home to achieve stable income growth, or they can invest in capital and land to enjoy dividends. It has become a process to enhance the cohesion of the party organization.

Governance is alive, the village is beautiful

The realization of rural revitalization is inseparable from refined governance. Leading rural governance to improve quality and efficiency with party building is an important starting point for turning the party’s leadership advantages into actual results in rural revitalization. In recent years, all localities and departments have insisted on implementing the requirements of Party management of rural areas throughout the entire process of building the rural governance system, improving the governance mechanism led by Party organizations, and continuing to extend the chain of village Party organizations serving the masses.

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“Finally, you don’t have to worry about water anymore!” Zhou Yingen, a villager in Denglong Village, a large town in Gao’an City, Jiangxi Province, had a smile on his face as he watched the clear tap water flow out of the pipe.

Denglong Village has high terrain, hard soil, and no access to groundwater. The “difficulty in drafting” has plagued the villagers for a long time. In 2012, the village proposed to install tap water, but due to the issue of installation costs, it was difficult for the villagers to unify their opinions, and it was finally settled.

In August 2021, things finally got hope. In order to help rural revitalization, the Gaoan Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau team stationed in Denglong Village. As soon as the cadres of the work team were in place, Zhou Jinyou, secretary of the village party branch, led them to inspect the dry wells and talk about the difficulty of drafting. The cadres of the work team immediately expressed their support for the village’s application for an urban-rural water supply integration project. Soon, the project was approved, but after accounting, in addition to the project funds, each household must pay 900 yuan for the installation fee.

How to do? How to do the real thing well? Zhou Jinyou first thought of “the village should look at the village, the household should look at the household, the farmers should look at the party members, and the party members should look at the branch.”

Hearing that tap water will be installed, the villagers are both happy and doubtful: Is the installation cost too high? The tap water has not been used, why should I pay first? …Faced with doubts, Zhou Jinyou organized more than 30 party members to take the lead in registering and paying the fees. He said: “To solve an old problem that has existed for many years, it is understandable for the masses to have doubts. We convened a village meeting in a timely manner to announce relevant policies, and at the same time divide the party members in the village into five groups to answer questions and doubts at home.”

Later, each village group established a council to collect fees, and each fee was published on a list. The opinions of the villagers were also solicited on how to route the water pipes and where to excavate. “In the village, the villagers discuss and do it. This time, the concerns of the villagers are completely dispelled. From the bottom of their hearts, everyone is looking forward to using tap water as soon as possible.” Zhou Yingen said. In the end, the tap water installation project was successfully completed.

Today, all localities and departments are deepening party building to lead rural governance, continuously enhancing the political functions and organizational power of rural grass-roots party organizations, optimizing the rural governance system that combines autonomy, rule of law, and the rule of morality, and promoting various forces to form a governance synergy under the leadership of party organizations. , a large number of people’s livelihood problems such as transportation, housing, education, medical care, and environmental sanitation have been properly solved, painting a picture of happiness in the beauty of the village and the sweet life.

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