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The bypass is there, but the Val Resia remains isolated

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The bypass is there, but the Val Resia remains isolated

It will not be possible to travel freely because, upstream, the former provincial is not yet safe. The vice-dean Riccardi: there are about 900 hectares of vegetation burned by the fires of this torrid end of July

RESIA. The 1.5 kilometer bypass in the Resia riverbed in Val Resia was completed and made accessible, with access from the Resiutta road network: a job carried out in record time, started promptly after the outbreak of the fire that required the closure of the former provincial access road to the center of Resia and its hamlets due to falling rocks and trees damaged by flames.

To confirm the activation, recalling that at the moment the vegetation burned by the fires that broke out in this torrid end of July extends for about 900 hectares (mostly concentrated on the Trieste Karst), was the vice president with responsibility for the Civil Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Riccardo Riccardi, who on the morning of Saturday 23 July reached Resia and Resiutta for an inspection of the construction site of the “alternative road”, together with the municipal administrators of Resia, Resiutta and Chiusaforte, together with the officials and volunteers of the Civil Protection and the men of the Corps regional forestry.

The bypass is a path obtained in the stream bed with a rolled compaction of gravels that develops in height. As the exponent of the council explained, it will not be possible to follow it freely because, upstream of this alternative route, the former provincial road is not yet safe.

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In agreement with the mayor of Resia and the firefighters, therefore, an exclusively emergency passage was agreed and escorted to Resiutta (from the hamlet of Povici where the road is closed), only in certain times of the day. With this mode of full security, on the afternoon of Saturday 23 July several people were brought out of the valley: those with the most urgent and stringent needs. Therefore, the former provincial road remains closed to traffic and the bypass is practicable with strict restrictions. In any case, assistance is guaranteed.

Val Resia isolated, a bypass will be opened to reach the town

Meanwhile, as the deputy governor reported, work continues to contain the fire, which affects two sides, with the use of two helicopters of the regional civil protection and two canadair. The fire is still substantial and the joint effort to get to the extinguishing and reclamation of the stake is important. The hope is that the weather conditions will change with an expected low pressure front for the next day on Tuesday.

In thanking all the operators who are working tirelessly in the field, and the municipal administrations, for their commitment, the deputy governor makes it known that in Friuli Venezia Giulia, at the moment, the bush burnt by the fires that broke out in this torrid end of July extends for about 900 hectares, mostly concentrated on the Trieste Karst.

Once the motorway and railway transits have been restored, work continues to guarantee the supply of electricity to the city of Trieste. The three hundred displaced people from the Karst area have been partially returned to their homes while a portion of the forces engaged on the Trieste front (now under control) are currently helping the neighboring populations of neighboring Slovenia where the fire has regained strength. This cross-border area is constantly monitored by civil protection, regional forestry, firefighters and law enforcement agencies.

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