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The cannon shot on the chicken farm: at the shooting range stop shooting with armored vehicles

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VIVARO. Stop from Rome to fire exercises with armored vehicles inside the Cellina Meduna shooting range. After the incident that occurred on the evening of March 17 last in Vivaro during an exercise, when a blank bullet from an armored Centauro hit a chicken farm, the military authorities ordered not to use heavy vehicles and chariots, such as the Centauro armored vehicle, in the trainings that continue to take place in the Cellina Meduna shooting range.

This is until the causes that led to the fatal shooting that hit the roof of the shed in via di Viera in Vivaro are ascertained by the investigating authorities, causing the death of about a hundred hens.

The stop imposed by the military authorities is a routine practice, also applied in civil contexts: when a plane crashes or a car presents problems, activities for that type of device or machine are suspended to make the necessary investigations.

However, this does not prevent other military activities from proceeding as planned. On the Cellina Meduna, in fact, “white training” continues with patrols and reconnaissance, but also “fire training” such as shooting with small arms.

There are two proceedings underway, one of the military prosecutor of Verona and one of the prosecutor of Pordenone, to which is added an internal investigation of the Pozzuolo del Friuli cavalry brigade to which the Genoa Cavalry Regiments of Palmanova and the Lagunari of Venice belong. fateful day.

At the end of March a summit was held at the courthouse of Pordenone which was attended by the representatives of the two prosecutors, Dr. Saeli and his deputy Dr. Sergio with the prosecutor Marco Faion to entrust a single technical consultancy.

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There are two objectives of the report. The first: which of the four Centauro busses engaged in the exercise on March 17 fired the fatal shot and what was the precise dynamics. The second: to ascertain that the safety conditions of the shooting range on the Cellina Meduna exist for the next exercises.

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