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The CCP makes the teaching materials of universities, middle schools and primary schools integrate into the party’s leading netizens to complain | Politics | Brainwashing | Dictatorship

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[Epoch Times October 22, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zhang Yujie comprehensive report) The CCP has further used its ideology to control student textbooks. Recently, it officially requested that the content of “Party Leadership” be fully included in the textbooks of universities, middle schools and primary schools, which aroused public attention. Prior to this, the CCP has repeatedly asked universities for this content.

The Ministry of Education of the Communist Party of China issued a press release on October 22, stating that the National Textbook Committee of the Communist Party of China has recently issued the “Guidelines for Teaching Materials Related to “Party Leadership” into the Courses of Universities, Primary and Secondary Schools.”

The above-mentioned “Guide” stipulates that the “Party leadership” of the CCP must be integrated into different curriculum materials.

In elementary and middle schools, “the three subjects of morality and the rule of law (ideological and political), Chinese, and history are the main subjects, the arts are focused on, and the curriculum and textbooks of other subjects are organically permeated.” Mainly, law and history are emphaticly reflected, and other courses of philosophy and social sciences, science, engineering, agriculture and medicine, and military courses are organically integrated with their respective characteristics.”

This is another regulation that the CCP has issued before the “Guide to Teaching Materials for the Curriculum of Thoughts of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era of Xi Jinping” and “Guide to the Courses of Teaching Material for the Revolutionary Traditions in Primary and Secondary Schools” issued by the CCP.

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The CCP’s series of controls on student teaching materials have aroused public attention. On the 22nd, a Twitter netizen left a message below the news, saying: “You know how vulnerable China is at the bottom, you can only accept all this passively.”

(Twitter screenshot)
(Twitter screenshot)

The CCP has repeatedly raised the term “party leadership” in the content of this “Guide” to universities. For example, the Chinese Communist Party media “Qushi.com” published two articles “Insist on and Strengthen the Party’s Comprehensive Leadership in Colleges and Universities” in November 2020 and March 2021. Subsequently, in April this year, the Communist Party of China issued the “Grass-roots Institutions of Higher Education of the Communist Party of China”. Organizational Work Regulations.

Yuan Guiren, the former Minister of Education of the Communist Party of China, publicly stated in 2015: “We must never let textbooks that spread Western values ​​into our classrooms.”

In December 2019, the official website of the Ministry of Education of the Communist Party of China announced that many universities have revised their school regulations and added content such as “adhering to the leadership of the Communist Party of China”. Related schools include Fudan University, Nanjing University, Shaanxi Normal University, and Renmin University of China.

Among them, the term “freedom of thought” in the original constitution of Fudan University has been deleted. At that time, it caused criticism from some students of Fudan University, but the criticism was quickly blocked by the authorities.

This time the CCP publicly extended the content of “party leadership” to primary and secondary schools. Prior to this, mainland primary and secondary schools have generally been “intensified politics.” In addition to the necessary ideological and political classes, students including kindergartens must learn the history of the Communist Party this year; in January 2020, the Chinese Communist Party requires the ideological and political, language and history of primary and secondary schools, etc. Textbooks must incorporate the content of political stance, political direction, and political standards; in 2019, the Ministry of Education of the Communist Party of China required primary and secondary school libraries to clean up books that “contrary to the party’s line, principles, and policies”.

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On the 12th of this month, Hangzhou No. 2 Middle School in Zhejiang Province announced that it had established the Marxist Academy, the first such middle school in mainland China.

At that time, Professor Li Yuan of Sociology at Tsinghua University told Radio Free Asia that well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, and the National People’s University had long established Marxist colleges. Now this practice is pushed to middle schools, and its brainwashing education is extremely corrosive.

Yang Haiying, a professor of anthropology at Shizuoka University in Japan, said that the brainwashing project can only turn generations of students into people who are incapable of thinking.

While the CCP controls teaching materials, it also exercises “party leadership” control over teachers. The day before the press release of the Ministry of Education of the Communist Party of China (21st), the Minister of Education of the Communist Party of China Huai Jinpeng made a report saying that the revision of the “Teachers Law” is being accelerated. Among them, the first article in the “Focus Contents of the Revision of the Teacher Law” is “Strengthen the party’s leadership over the work of teachers, and ensure that the political direction of the construction of the teaching team is correct.”

On the 22nd, a netizen left a message on Twitter, saying: “The teacher group will further degenerate, and the flowers will be further destroyed.”

(Twitter screenshot)

In response to the long-term proclaimed “party leadership” of the CCP, Chinese rights activist Chen Guangcheng residing in the United States once bluntly stated in 2019 that as long as the “party leadership” does not change, people’s lives will not be better.

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