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The CCP strictly controls “non-essential travel” netizens exclaimed: going abroad is even more difficult | Run | Passport

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The CCP strictly controls “non-essential travel” netizens exclaimed: going abroad is even more difficult | Run | Passport

[Epoch Times, May 13, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Xia Song comprehensive report) The CCP Immigration Administration WeChat issued a document on May 12, saying that the Immigration Administration Party Group held a meeting on the 10th, demanding strict implementation of strict and strict regulations. The entry and exit policy strictly restricts Chinese citizens’ “non-essential exit” activities​. This news immediately detonated the Internet, and the authorities’ intentions were questioned. The booming “Run School” (from the English word Run, immigrating overseas) will also suffer a heavy blow.

The so-called “necessary reasons” do not mean that you can leave the country freely

After Xi Jinping insisted on “dynamic clearing” at the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China on May 5, the local governments and administrative organs of the Communist Party of China immediately flattered and increased their weight. On May 10, Xu Ganlu, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Security of the Communist Party of China, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the National Immigration Administration, at a meeting, conveyed that while Xi Jinping insisted on “dynamic clearing”, he issued the latest strict control measures on the grounds of epidemic prevention. Immigration policy.

The new measures of the Immigration Administration require that the entry-exit administration department and the general border inspection station strictly implement the strict and strict entry-exit policy, strictly restrict the “non-essential exit” activities of Chinese citizens, and strictly approve the issuance of entry-exit documents; it is necessary to strictly prevent staying abroad. People gathered at the border, illegal entry “brought into the epidemic”, etc.

Xu Ganlu even announced that it is necessary to crack down on “illegal entry and exit” activities and carry out “Meerkat Hunting-2022” in a comprehensive and in-depth manner.

A reporter from Radio Free Asia called the Immigration Administration’s consultation hotline, and the staff explained the scope of “non-essential travel” activities and what “essential travel” activities are.

“Non-essential reasons include travel and family visits, and border inspectors will dissuade them from here; essential reasons are mainly for study abroad, employment, business, or going abroad for medical treatment, participating in epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, and transporting disaster relief materials.” The staff said. .

But can Chinese citizens with “necessary reasons” be able to leave the country freely? Beijing border inspection staff told Radio Free Asia, “If it is business, if you insist on leaving the country, the border inspection site will normally check valid documents, and then explain the reason for leaving the country and why you are leaving the country. Beijing did not say that you are strictly prohibited from leaving the country, but the specific Can I go out? Or it depends on the time of departure and on-site execution.”

Some people questioned that this shows that even people with “necessary reasons” may not be able to leave the country freely, and everything is still unknown.

The definition of “non-essential departure” is blurred or the layers of “enrichment” are facing a blow

The new control measures of the Immigration Administration immediately caused a sensation on the Internet, and some netizens exclaimed: The seclusion of the country has really begun. This policy has also caused the recently popular “running school” to face a heavy blow, making it more and more difficult for Chinese people who want to “run the school”.

Mainland real estate economist Deng Haozhi questioned on Weibo on May 13, “This topic exploded yesterday. All kinds of discussions and disputes will not be mentioned. I think the most worthwhile question is what is “non-essential” ? Who defines this? Almost all flex space​​.”

Mainland real estate economist Deng Haozhi posted on Weibo on May 13, questioning the vagueness of “non-essential” space. (webpage Screenshot)

Mainland netizens “Visa Matters” posted on Weibo on May 13, “In the afternoon, I received a WeChat call from a client saying that she and her husband were interrogated when they left the country for Canada, and were questioned in a small house for more than four hours. , resulting in missing the plane. But the two of them have a Canadian study permit and a work permit, which are not ‘non-essential exit’. After they reported to the higher authorities, the exit problem was solved. They just need to buy a new ticket to go out. . It should be that the customs have increased their weight in implementing the policy spirit of their superiors. From this incident, the current restrictions have really increased a lot. “

A study abroad agency, who did not want to be named, told Radio Free Asia that it is difficult to obtain passports for students under the name of studying abroad, given the current exit control. This study abroad institution has offices in the United States and China. The staff member said: Travel is restricted here, and passport control is more strict now.

What is the CCP’s intention to strictly control people leaving the country?

Regarding the CCP’s new regulations, some financial experts believe that this is the CCP’s response to the lack of foreign exchange reserves. Some commentators also pointed out that the CCP has achieved comprehensive control of society through epidemic control.

He Jiangbing, a Chinese financial scholar, told Radio Free Asia that the authorities are now strictly controlling citizens leaving the country. The bigger reason is that the economic downturn and the control of the epidemic have made China‘s exports insufficient. These have led to insufficient foreign exchange reserves, because the authorities want to cut off the way for citizens to go abroad to exchange foreign currency.

French commentator Wang Longmeng believes that there are economic reasons for the CCP’s strict control of citizens leaving the country, but the authorities have achieved comprehensive social control through epidemic control. In this case, either the public becomes a mindless slave, or there is a mass protest for basic freedoms, and the CCP will pay the price for these totalitarian control practices.

The CCP severely restricts Chinese people’s “non-essential exit” activities, which directly affect people’s basic rights and interests. Although the authorities have deleted the posts and banned them, mainland netizens still have heated discussions.

The mainland netizen “Spring Breeze Willow Yizhi” questioned, “I don’t quite understand why it is necessary to not leave the country because of the epidemic? Adults can be responsible for themselves, willing to go out, and at their own risk, why not? I hope those who don’t want to stay in the country will go out quickly, and it should be restricted to entry rather than exit.”

The netizen “peeking at the cat drinking water” left a message on Zhihu, saying, “Combining with the strict handling of immigration-related notarial certificates some time ago, and combining with the rapid increase in the search index of “immigration abroad” in Baidu search some time ago, we can see that this article The message is likely to be aimed at USCIS to prevent outflows of funds during the fight against the virus.”

“It is foreseeable that studying abroad and working abroad will gradually be tightened. Universities that are not in the Ministry of Education’s recommended list may be persuaded to return or not apply for a passport. In terms of work, there will be a review of the recipient.”

“There is a high probability that some forms or letters of guarantee will also be filled out when studying abroad or working abroad in the future. The content involves the purpose of going abroad, motivation, time of return, overseas relations, etc.”

Authorities refute rumors about cutting passport netizens: “As soon as they refute rumors, everyone is afraid”

Recently, there has been a lot of news on the Internet about people being interrogated and having their passports cut when they enter or leave the country. The National Immigration Administration of the Communist Party of China announced on May 13 that the rumors about “suspending passports” and “cutting corners of green cards” are untrue, but it is still necessary to minimize unnecessary cross-border activities of personnel.

Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou entry-exit frontier inspection stations also issued statements to “refute rumors.” In response, the netizen “Proud Girl” tweeted, “As soon as they refute the rumors, everyone is afraid.”

In another tweet, “Proud Girl” reposted a screenshot of the post, which showed, “Don’t try to get to Pudong Airport, and you won’t be allowed to fly. No embassy recognizes your visa, go. Nope… No matter where your husband is from, you can’t take you with a legal visa… You can’t leave even if you have a big thing.”

“Pudong Airport is full of stranded people, homeless, unable to fly, and unable to return.” The post also said, “There is no need to post a video, it will be a crab (a homonym for harmony, that is, only banned).”

The official media “refuted rumors” on the whole network about “the suspension of passports and green cards is false news“. For example, the People’s Daily said on its Weibo account, “Recently, some overseas media have reported false news about my country’s ‘suspended passports’ and ‘green card cut corners prohibiting exit’, distorting and smearing my entry-exit management policy. I hope the majority of entry-exit personnel will not believe it. Rumor.” As a result, 1,216 comments followed, but the public could only see 16 comments. Weibo said, “Inappropriate comments have been filtered, and some comments will not be displayed for the time being.”

There were 1,216 comments under the official Weibo account of the party media People’s Daily, of which 1,200 were blocked. (webpage Screenshot)

In fact, the CCP authorities have been cutting passports for a long time. Netizen Li Shaoming also confirmed in a tweet on May 13 that the passport cut existed. Twelve years ago, he was going to Vietnam to buy lychees, but when he left the country at Guangxi Friendship Pass, his passport was cut by the armed police, and the order came from the Nanchang National Security Brigade.

The next year, he only found out after inquiring everywhere that his passport had been cut because of his remarks criticizing the CCP. In the end, he signed the guarantee prepared by the national security guard and promised not to criticize the government before re-applying for his passport.

Li Shaoming asked in a later tweet, “Finally add, if I’m like this, if I go back, I’m afraid I won’t be able to come out again?”

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