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The center-right begins the race for the Municipality, Cenni: “Ready to awaken the city from its torpor”

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The center-right begins the race for the Municipality, Cenni: “Ready to awaken the city from its torpor”

“The pragmatism of doing to reawaken the city after ten years of rendering, dreams and clouds”. Concreteness is the watchword with which the centre-right mayoral candidate Gianni Cenni presented himself to the Prato people this afternoon, 24 February. He did it in the Garibaldi room which was not enough to contain the participants. There is an estimated 500 people between seating and standing room. Many remained outside and waited to be able to shake hands with the person who will lead the center-right in this challenge to conquer the Municipality of Prato after 10 years of Biffoni government. “Working to reawaken the city after ten years of torpor, of proclamations, of renderings, of novels – said Gianni Cenni – let’s put away the role of extras on the papier-mâché backdrop into which they have lowered us and let’s go back to reality, let’s go back to being protagonists because this is the role of the people of Prato”.

61 years old, lawyer, Cenni has a long political and administrative experience behind him which culminated with the position of urban planning councilor of the first centre-right council in the republican history of Prato. And it is precisely from those five years of city government that Cenni draws to demonstrate that he is the team of action and dynamism that contrasts “the inaction” of the two Biffoni councils. “They have only offered us frames in these ten years, but the people of Prato are interested in the canvas, they are interested in the facts. We are those of the facts and I limit myself to two examples above all: the reopening of Palazzo Pretorio, returned to the city after a very long period of closure, and the renovation of Piazza delle Carceri which today, and I say this without fear of contradiction, is a of the most beautiful postcards in Italy. We say and do, you know. The others simply say: they’ve been talking to us about the urban park for ten years: have you seen it? Where? Nothing dear people from Prato, just drawings on paper and nothing else. But I want to be honest and say that yes, they too have done something in ten years: they demolished the Misericordia e Dolce hospital and they did it in spite of a city that didn’t want that.”

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Cenni enters the stage with “Don’t stop me now” by Queen. Soundtrack also for other city candidacies but which was chosen by Cenni himself because it is linked to a personal event of his: the concert of the legendary English band in Zurich obtained for his 18th birthday, the beginning of adulthood and independence of him. The presentation to the city continues with his personal story. He opens the family album to the public: the two brothers, his wife and two daughters. Greetings to the mother who remained at home, a moving thought to the father who died exactly three years ago and who passed on to him “the pride of being from Prato. Deep roots – he added – do not freeze”. And again his lifelong partner and friend Ugo Fanti, on the day of his graduation, the excursions with the fun group of Chiavaccio which taught him irony and self-irony, the passion for cycling which brought out his tenacity and the “commandment” “never stop pedaling, never put your foot on the ground”. Paradigm of his commitment to the city. A pact of trust with the citizens to be signed by the entire coalition.

In the finale he calls on stage all the exponents of the parties who support him, starting from his Brothers of Italy. They are all there, demonstrating a regrouped centre-right ready to launch the challenge for 8 and 9 June. “The future of the city is here, it’s now. – he concluded – Don’t stop me, with stop us”.

The article The centre-right begins the race for the Municipality, Cenni: “Ready to awaken the city from its torpor” comes from Notizie di Prato.

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