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The CEOs of hundreds of millions of Chinese enterprises are bankrupt and living on the streets by scavenging for a living | Shenzhen streets |

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[Epoch Times, January 22, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Yun) Recently, an old man on the streets of Shenzhen who made a living by scavenging was found to be the chairman of a company with hundreds of millions, but now he is living on the streets due to bankruptcy. attract public attention.

Comprehensive Lu media reported on January 22 that recently, volunteers from the non-profit organization “Let Love Come Home” found an elderly man on the streets of Longgang, Shenzhen. He was haggard, with messy hair, wearing only a thin shirt, and scavenging for a living.

According to nearby residents, the old man has been wandering here for a long time.

The volunteers judged that he was a lost lonely old man again, but during the conversation, he found that the old man not only has clear thinking and elegant speech, but after further understanding, he learned that the 75-year-old man is actually the former director of Shenzhen Shenglongfa Food Co., Ltd. Chang Jiang Yuan Chen.

Zhang Shiwei, the relevant person in charge of “Let Love Come Home”, introduced to The Paper that the old man had been homeless for more than a year, and he once said that he had “no face” to go home, but he disappeared after refusing to help. Found him on the street again this year.

According to Zhang Shiwei, Jiang Yuanchen made a living by scavenging waste, piled up the items he picked up, and built a simple residence temporarily, and often slept on a bench in the park.

He said that the old man was from Yantai, Shandong. He opened a clothing company in Yantai in his early years, and then went to Hong Kong to work hard and founded Hong Kong Shenglong Group.

In 2014, he went to Shenzhen to develop and operate Shenglongfa Food Company, with assets of hundreds of millions, and he also became a millionaire with a net worth of tens of millions, with hundreds of employees at most. His garage was full of luxury cars, and there was a secretary waiting to be dispatched.

As a local representative enterprise, Jiang Yuanchen said in an interview with Guangdong News that his business has expanded to Inner Mongolia and other places.

According to the information from Tianyancha, there are three companies for which Jiang Yuanchen is the legal representative. Among them, the business licenses of Shenzhen Shenglongda Food Company and Yanbian Longda Food Company have been revoked.

According to the China Enforcement Information Disclosure Network, Jiang Yuanchen’s Shenzhen Shenglongfa Food Company was listed as a dishonest company in February 2017. After that, Jiang Yuanchen was restricted from high consumption.

As for why he was reduced to wandering on the street? Jiang Yuanchen said that in order to expand his business, he took out a loan from a bank, but eventually went bankrupt due to a break in the capital chain caused by the supplier’s arrears. He couldn’t find anyone to collect debts, and he had nowhere to ask for help, and he was scorned.

Because he couldn’t face the ups and downs of life, he didn’t want to return to his hometown in Shandong as a loser, so he wandered the streets of Shenzhen.

On January 12, 2022, Jiang Yuanchen fell to the ground for physical reasons. Volunteers sent him to the hospital and searched for his family, hoping to send him home.

According to the latest news, on January 21, volunteers took Jiang Yuanchen back to his hometown by train. At about 11 o’clock on the 22nd, they arrived at Qingdao North Railway Station. Jiang Yuanchen’s son, son-in-law and others came to pick up Jiang Yuanchen.

Responsible editor: Lin Congwen

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