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“The Chocoano peasants have no support”

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“The Chocoano peasants have no support”

This note was published two years ago on www.choco7dias.com. Today we republish it because the situation of the Chocoano peasant has worsened.

“Here the farmer works very badly because we don’t have resources, they don’t support us, they don’t do anything for the countryside,” said Aníbal Martínez at the celebration of Farmer’s Day 2021 and pointed out that the entire process is precarious because “there is no advice, nothing technical support, everything is empirical”.

Aníbal Martínez is a Criollo avocado, coconut and cocoa grower in the municipality of Istmina, who spoke about the situation of the peasants.

He described the production of food as “quite difficult” which, in the case of avocado, is for family and neighbor consumption. They sell the coconut for the consumption of their water and the preparation of ice cream, and the cocoa goes to a small factory in the region.

“High-quality chocolate is produced here, but it is not shipped to other areas of the country because there is a lack of packaging system,” said farmer Aníbal Martínez, describing that this product must be sold in bags.

In Chocó, the peasants live in deep poverty, but they maintain the hope of improving, for which they expect low-interest loans, commercial advice, technical advice, to get ahead.

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