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The city’s water quality ranks 12th in the country. The improvement of water environment quality has been commended by the provincial government_Yongzhou News_Yongzhou Government Network

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The city’s water quality ranks 12th in the country
The improvement of water environment quality was commended by the provincial government

  • 2023-02-02 09:08
  • source: Yongzhou Daily
  • Publisher:Yongzhou Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau (Government Affairs Open Office)
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News from Yongzhou Daily (correspondent Tang Xiang) On January 18, the Provincial Government Office announced the list of areas with obvious achievements in hard work in 2022, and the city’s water environment quality improvement work was praised and encouraged.

In recent years, our city has thoroughly implemented Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization, and done a good job in the three articles of “strengthening, governance, and protection” of human-water harmony. In 2022, the water quality ranking of cross-sections in the national examination of our city will hit a new high, ranking 12th in the country and 1st in the province. It is the only city in the province whose water quality has entered the top 30 in the country for four consecutive years. The comprehensive water quality index has improved by 4% year-on-year . In 2022, our city will perform outstandingly in the improvement of sewage outlets entering the river, the “Sharp Sword” operation and the “Summer Offensive”, and will make typical speeches at relevant meetings held by the national and provincial governments respectively.

Strong responsibility, strong system, strong accountability, build the strictest responsibility system. The city implements the “three-level, three-management, and three-in-place” policy, and consolidates the responsibilities of the “three-management and three-must” water quality improvement at the city, county and township levels, so as to achieve goals, measures, and responsibilities, and create a responsibility system that extends horizontally to the edge and vertically to the bottom; establishes Improve more than 20 systems such as joint defense and joint control, supervision and supervision, assessment and accountability, take the lead in formulating local regulations on drinking water source protection in the province, and innovate and implement systems such as “double river chiefs” and “river chiefs + chief prosecutors”; at the same time, Strict assessment and accountability were implemented, and the “seven uniform” rigid measures for ecological environment protection were introduced. The water quality status was assessed, notified and held accountable every month. The municipal government interviewed the main leaders of the county and city governments where the water quality declined five times, and the relevant counties and cities 35 person-times were interviewed and 20 people were held accountable.

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To control pollution, chaos, and violations, implement the most precise governance measures. Our city insists on water control first and pollution control, implements one river and one policy, implements “five modernizations” to tackle key problems, that is, problem list, task project, measure precision, responsibility clear, time limit specific, and vigorously promote seven special governance actions, Effectively solve pollution problems from domestic sources, agricultural sources, and industrial sources; adhere to the principle of “clear water, smooth rivers, green banks, and beautiful scenery” to implement joint responsibility for upstream and downstream, left and right banks, and main and tributary streams. , In 2022, 133 “four chaos” problems and 108 river sewage outlets will be rectified; adhere to water control and heavy control of violations, use the strictest rule of law to protect the ecological environment, and have “zero tolerance” for environmental violations. In 2022, 190 environmental violation cases will be investigated and dealt with , and the fine amounted to more than 13.843 million yuan.

Protect the ecology, people’s livelihood, and safety, and implement the most systematic protection actions. Yongzhou uses “creation” to protect the ecology, adheres to systematic thinking to improve water quality, and strengthens the ecological construction of water conservation areas. The city has created 4 national-level nature reserves, 10 national-level forest parks, 8 national-level wetland parks, and national-level ecological civilization construction. There are 4 demonstration areas, 1 national-level practice and innovation base of “clear water and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, and 12 provincial-level ecological civilization construction demonstration areas; to “manage” and protect people’s livelihood, and to ensure the safety of drinking water as a key livelihood practical project to continue Promote, realize “one map” management, establish a regular inspection, monitoring and supervision mechanism, implement five measures of “planning, measurement, construction, treatment, and retreat” for the standardized construction of water sources, and designate 615 centralized drinking water source protection areas in the city. In 2022, the environmental problems of 90 drinking water sources will be rectified, and the water quality compliance rate of drinking water sources in counties and above will be 100%; safety will be ensured by “prevention”; safety must be adhered to in development, and the “sharp sword” of preventing and resolving major ecological and environmental risks will be firmly promoted To take action, establish a linkage mechanism for problem investigation, dynamic management and clearing mechanism, and risk management and control mechanism for grading, organize and carry out seven special operations involving heavy metal law enforcement, and investigate and rectify 820 hidden risks, ensuring the ecological environment at the source of the Xiangjiang River.

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