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The ‘Clan del Golfo’, owner of Valledupar

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The ‘Clan del Golfo’, owner of Valledupar

The violence that Valledupar lives on behalf of the ‘Clan del Golfo’ is excessive, it has concentrated the business of hit men, collection offices, extortion, social cleansing, ‘daily pay’, car theft and all businesses derived from crime. But, let’s remember, it all began after the capture of Elkin Javier López, alias ‘La Silla’ and the death of Saúl Muegues in the Arizona neighborhood, well-known narco-hitmen who since 2013 came to operate criminality in the region, with the complacency of vallenato singers and a sector of vallenato society that, due to the waste of money, flattered them; When these characters left the scene, in 2018, the ‘Clan del Golfo’, with the front man Nelson Darío Hurtado Simanca, alias ‘Marihuano’, captured and extradited, right-hand man of alias ‘Otoniel’, took over Cesar, La Guajira and Magdalena, where they have faced blood and fire with Los Pachencas. In Valledupar, the Francisco Moreno Peñate subfront operates, which began under the command of Edgar Ariel Córdoba, alias ‘La Segueta’, currently captured and detained in La Picota, but who continues to direct the franchise’s bishops, and today manages the activities, especially the micro-trafficking, ‘daily pay’, hit man service and, in addition, they receive the drug that leaves Catatumbo. But how do they work? They penetrate businesses, by hook or by crook, such as tobacconists, barbershops, billiards, shops, workshops, hardware stores and create a well-articulated network to sell drugs, hire young people in vulnerable neighborhoods, with average salaries of one and a half million pesos, who officiate as delivery men, bell ringers, drop-by-drop collectors, with the support of the clan for their additional activities of house robbery and raponeo; on top of that, they give them drugs for consumption.

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They also have the social cleaning service that they provide to ranchers to deal with rustling, so they killed a butcher in the La Victoria neighborhood, Lucho Martinez; two brothers in La Junta and another two in San Diego; It worries because a paramilitarism without a visible head is being recycled, as ’40’ and ’39’ were before, much more difficult to detect. Valledupar is divided into the North Zone, with a collection center in the Singapore invasion that has become the most dangerous pot in the city, above La Nevada, there the police captured 15 members of that structure in 2022, but little little by little they have been released and continue to commit crimes as if nothing had happened; there is also the Bloque Occidente, commanded by aliases ‘El Yeye’ and ‘El Dólar’, well-known hit men who intimidate the Villa Tairona and Los Guasimales sector; and Bloque Centro, on the right bank of the river, the famous ‘Macarena’ where the Yoya brothers operate, fearsome criminals, they also have a presence in ‘el Boliche’ and the El Carmen neighborhood, where they receive all the proceeds of the stolen goods, especially cell phones, jewelry and sell drugs, as well as vehicles that are boned in La Guajira. This system has also plunged Barranquilla into a bloodbath, where the authorities are increasingly cornered by massacres and extortion; Valledupar has not reached these extremes of massacres, but it will end in the same if drastic measures are not taken. Today the levels of violence are very high, 149 homicides in 2022 show that we are on an impressive escalation.

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Meanwhile the authorities continue to wear themselves out on innocuous security advice; passing the ball from one to another, the mayor Mello Castro does not exercise authority and passes it to the police, the police pass it to the governor’s office, the governor’s office sends it to the national government and meanwhile, every day one or two deaths They appear and nobody knows anything. It is with intelligence and investigative work to achieve results. The mayoral candidates are not proposing anything serious to end this problem either, they are afraid to speak up; The solution is not to move ‘la Tramacúa’, nor is it a headquarters for the Metropolitan Police, this is persecuting the leaders and studying how they operate to capture them, because what is real is that the ‘Clan del Golfo’ is here to stay and has intimidated the whole city.


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