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The coexistence of regional aggregation and multi-point distribution is obvious, which further strengthens the coordinated prevention and control of the central urban area_Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Network

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On November 22, the Municipal Government Information Office held the 147th press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Li Pan, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Health Commission, introduced that on the 21st, a total of 5,566 new infections were reported in 11 districts in the central city. Accounted for 88.4% of the city’s new increase on the 21st, of which 628 people from the social area accounted for 11.22%, a slight increase from the 20th, but overall the same; there were 4 districts with more than 800 new infections, and 3 districts The number of newly infected cases is less than 100, which shows that the rising trend of the epidemic in the central urban area has been curbed, and the characteristics of regional aggregation and multi-point distribution are obvious. It is necessary to further strengthen the coordinated prevention and control of the central urban area and implement differentiated, multi-device measures in some areas according to the changes in the epidemic situation. Targeted prevention and control measures.

The number of newly infected people in our city exceeds 6,000 for two consecutive days

Li Pan reported that from 00:00 to 18:00 on November 22, there were 144 new local confirmed cases in Chongqing; 3,746 new local asymptomatic infections; and 4,231 new positive people to be diagnosed.

“On November 21, our city reported 6,297 new cases of infection (excluding 38 cases transferred from asymptomatic cases to confirmed cases), with more than 6,000 cases added every day for two consecutive days. In development, the situation is still grim and complicated.” Li Pan said that on the 21st, a total of 731 new infections were reported in districts and counties outside the central urban area, accounting for 11.6% of the city’s new infections on the 21st, of which 105 were social, accounting for 14.4% %, a decrease from the 20th, and the epidemic situation is generally stable. Dianjiang County added 125 new cases in a single day, which is still in the stage of rapid increase; Liangping District, Xiushan County, Wuxi County, Fuling District, and Wanzhou District have more than 60 new cases in a single day, which is in the development stage of the epidemic.

According to Li Pan, as of 24:00 on the 21st, the city has coordinated and integrated 7 city-level centralized treatment hospitals, 27 district and county-level designated treatment hospitals, 5 city-level shelter hospitals, and 26 district and county-level shelter hospitals, providing a total of There are more than 41,000 beds. In addition, the first phase of Yinglong Fangcai Hospital has provided nearly 1,000 beds. The second and third phases of Yinglong Fangcai Hospital and Cuntan Fangcai Hospital are expected to provide more than 47,000 beds. It can ensure that all patients should be received and treated as much as possible.

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As of 18:00 on the 22nd, the number of asymptomatic infections in the city under isolation medical observation reached 43,386; the number of confirmed cases in the hospital for centralized isolation and treatment was 2,110, of which 1,950 were mild, 116 were common, and 30 were severe. 14 were critically ill, and the overall condition of these patients was stable.

Guarantee the quality of nucleic acid testing through qualification and supervision

Li Pan said that in the past three years, the health department has been paying close attention to the quality of nucleic acid testing.

In terms of the qualifications of nucleic acid testing laboratories, according to relevant national regulations, new coronavirus nucleic acid testing institutions should first have biosafety level two or above qualifications. Secondly, it is necessary to equip corresponding facilities and equipment, and then apply to the territorial health administrative department for approval. The Municipal Clinical Medical Testing Center (located in Chongqing Municipal People’s Hospital) and relevant personnel of the territorial health administrative department will conduct on-site technical audits, and then issue certificates after the audit After approval and approval, the certificate will be reported to the Municipal Health and Health Commission for the record. “Each of our nucleic acid testing laboratories has such qualifications. Simply put, they all have obtained the certificate. The disease control centers at all levels will also manage in accordance with the relevant regulations of the disease control system.” Li Pan said.

In terms of supervision, according to the principle of “whoever approves, who is responsible”, the daily supervision of the laboratory is carried out by the local health department, and the daily management is carried out by local professionals and law enforcement personnel. The city’s main clinical medical testing center is responsible for regular inspections Supervision and inspection, the inspection content includes the qualifications of inspectors, operating specifications, work procedures, etc. Among them, blind samples will also be used to carry out “external quality assessment”, that is, quality assessment between laboratories, and blind samples will be sent to various institutions, and the test results will be used for consistency comparison to ensure the quality of nucleic acid testing.

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Li Pan said that during the current round of the epidemic, the municipal health department arranged early in the morning for the municipal clinical medical testing center to send experts to the nucleic acid testing laboratory, including third-party institutions, medical institution laboratories, and nucleic acid testing laboratories in shelter hospitals. , to carry out inspection guidance to ensure that nucleic acid testing is carried out efficiently and with high quality.

He added that after sampling at the sampling point, the sample will be packed in a bottle, and will be transported by a special car to the nucleic acid testing laboratory in a closed loop.

The Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative has provided 100,000 “guaranteed vegetable packages” to residents in the central urban area

Xie Yugang, deputy director and spokesperson of the Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative, introduced that the Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative actively promotes the method of online ordering and offline delivery. 12 catties, priced at 19 yuan), and strive to meet the needs of the public market life. On the evening of the 21st, the second round of order release was launched. Every day, the order will be released according to the variety and quantity of the goods coming from the base, and the structure of the vegetable package will be continuously adjusted and optimized according to the market demand.

“During the epidemic, community group buying has become the main force of living consumption.” Xie Yugang said that social-owned enterprises at all levels of the system and supply and marketing cooperatives in various districts and counties actively participated in the formation of community purchasing groups. In terms of group meal distribution, box lunches are provided for front-line anti-epidemic personnel and medical workers in some communities. The current daily supply has exceeded 7,000 copies, and a total of 29,000 copies have been supplied since the outbreak.

How to solve the problem of slow sales of farmers? Xie Yugang said that through the means of direct supply from the base, the company purchases in bulk from the agricultural base, and then sorts and screens in the city, makes vegetable packages, and distributes them to urban communities. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the enterprises of the whole system have linked 70,925 mu of agricultural bases. While carrying out the work of ensuring supply, they have also simultaneously solved the problem of farmers selling vegetables and promoted farmers to increase their income.

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“Recently, the average daily supply of agricultural and sideline products in the city’s supply and marketing cooperative system is about 1,000 tons, and the orders also range from 50,000 to 200,000 copies. Under emergency conditions, sorting and transportation capabilities are limited, and the city’s supply and marketing cooperatives will also guide relevant bases. Constantly improve and optimize relevant links, and do our best to meet the needs of consumers.” Xie Yugang said.

Liangjiang New District deploys 8,000 people a day to carry out material distribution

Cheng Wendi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Liangjiang New Area, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and spokesperson, said that Liangjiang New Area has increased its protection for online platforms. On the supply side, more than 20 e-commerce platforms have successively launched online shopping topics such as “vegetable bags”, and the district has also contacted 18 districts and counties and 168 material supply companies to increase the matching of supply outside the district and demand within the district; On the distribution side, 471 material transfer stations and 2,704 building stacking points have been built in various streets, and 8,000 volunteers, property management personnel, community workers, and grid workers are deployed on an average daily basis to carry out material distribution.

Liangjiang New District has opened district-level, street-level, and community-level hotlines to provide 24-hour hotline services to the masses, and has established a handover and feedback mechanism to hand over and give feedback at the same time.

At the same time, the sinking forces and volunteers at the city and district levels have been integrated to form a neighborhood mutual aid civilized persuasion team, people’s livelihood emergency service team, and love chat team with nearly 5,000 people, covering more than 200 communities.

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