Home News The college entrance examination voluntary filling is in progress. The Provincial Education Examination Institute answers questions about the hot issues that candidates are concerned about.

The college entrance examination voluntary filling is in progress. The Provincial Education Examination Institute answers questions about the hot issues that candidates are concerned about.

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The college entrance examination voluntary filling is in progress. The Provincial Education Examination Institute answers questions about the hot issues that candidates are concerned about.

2022-06-26 19:52:33Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News Shaanxi Province’s 2022 college entrance examination volunteer report is in progress. The Provincial Education Examination Institute warmly reminds that candidates are required to complete the voluntary application on time within the specified time, and at the same time answer questions on the hot issues that candidates and parents are concerned about.

■Can the advance batch and the undergraduate batch be reported at the same time? Does early approval and failure to enroll affect one batch of undergraduate admissions?

A: Candidates who meet the requirements can fill in the form at the same time. Failure to enroll in the previous batch will not affect the enrollment of the next batch.

■Can you fill in two schools when filling in one voluntary school?

A: The second batch of undergraduate volunteers cannot be filled in at this stage. For the specific time, candidates should continue to pay attention to the official notice issued by the Shaanxi Provincial Education Examination Institute.

■Can art (literature), art (science) and physical education (science) candidates apply for military academies, public security, justice and orientation training sergeants?

Answer: No. Art and sports candidates are not allowed to apply for literature and history or science and engineering volunteers in advance batches.

■How to determine whether I meet the school’s professional requirements?

Answer: Candidates should carefully understand our province’s college entrance examination enrollment policy through the portal website of Shaanxi Provincial Education Examination Institute, and carefully read the enrollment regulations of the colleges to be applied for through the Ministry of Education’s Sunshine College Entrance Examination platform to avoid political appearance, physical conditions, single subject scores, and foreign languages. Other conditions are not in line with the reported major.

■About the professional adjustment, according to what rules to adjust the major, is the professional scope of the adjustment the profession recruited this year?

A: The admissions of ordinary colleges and universities follow the principle of “schools are responsible and provincial-level admissions offices supervise”. Colleges and universities conduct admissions in accordance with the admissions rules in the admissions regulations published to the public. For candidates who pass the ideological and political morality assessment, their physical health meets the training requirements of relevant majors, and their filing scores reach the same batch of admission control scores and meet the filing requirements, the colleges and universities will determine whether they are admitted and the majors they will be enrolled in. After the candidates’ electronic files are submitted , the remaining issues such as not being admitted and not being admitted to the voluntary major are explained by the college.

■How are parallel volunteers admitted? If you put the major you want to apply for on the top, and put it safely at the bottom, will you record the one you want to apply for first, and then search down if you haven’t recorded it?

A: The filing principles for parallel volunteers are as follows:

(1) Score priority and follow volunteers. In the subject category, all candidates are ranked from high to low according to their submission scores (cultural class scores plus policy care scores). According to the order from high to low and the order of each candidate’s choice, the search is carried out in turn. If the archives of the retrieved colleges and universities are not full, the archives will be sent to the colleges and universities. If the candidates fill in the volunteers are unable to vote, the student can only participate in the collection of volunteers or the next batch of admissions. All the candidates who are tied for the last place in the proportion of college submissions will submit their submissions.

(2) One-time filing. Parallel volunteers implement one filing. Candidates who have submitted their files can only participate in this batch of voluntary admissions or subsequent batches of admissions after being withdrawn from the university due to physical conditions, full enrollment of the majors they have applied for, and disobedience to major adjustments. If the number of applicants is insufficient or the number of applicants for the exam is full but the planned vacancy caused by the withdrawal of the university’s file, the method of collecting volunteers will be adopted to supplement it.

■When will the inspection form for the candidates for public security majors in public security colleges and universities be handed in?

Answer: The inspection form of the qualified candidates for the political investigation is sealed and handed to the candidates themselves, and to the Political Department of the Provincial Public Security Department during the interview.

Ren Na, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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