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The Colombian psychologist who works from Sweden with the children of Chocó

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The Colombian psychologist who works from Sweden with the children of Chocó

By Laura Rosa Jimenez Valencia. Taken from El Tiempo.

You never forget where it came from. That is what Haidy Sánchez Mattson has shown in recent years, a Chocoana who, despite living on the other side of the world, in Sweden, does not forget her homeland, Chocó, and has endeavored to help the most vulnerable communities. from his department.

As a good Chocoana, happy to speak and in love with her land, this woman, mother of two children and wife of a local whom she met in the municipality of Tadó (Chocó), during a Doctors Without Borders conference, has become the support of many countrymen despite the distance.

A psychologist by profession, graduated from the San Buenaventura University in Medellín, she began working with the inhabitants of her apartment when she was doing a master’s degree in clinical psychology and disability. There she decided to study the care received by patients with autism in the two countries (Sweden and Colombia) with their socioeconomic and cultural standards.

She had already been working with the Swedish State in schools and colleges where the vast majority of her patients were adolescents and young people diagnosed with this psychological disorder.

“I had been working a lot with that, giving talks, courses, a lot of contact with these groups and a lot also because of my research.

So I felt that I could not go in to collect data and leave as if nothing had happened, but rather that I had a social, moral and professional commitment to these families.

That was how I started and when I was already working a lot, the pandemic came,” says Sánchez.

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He recalls that during that harsh time of so much uncertainty for everyone, through virtuality, he advised families of people with disabilities and those whose members included someone with autism. He talked to them about how to manage the covid in this population.

When they had the tools to replicate what they had learned with others and without abandoning them, Sánchez Mattson decided to go one step further and embark on working with women and young people through the Nuevo Amanecer Foundation that he created and with which he has achieved a rapprochement with the New technologies and the digital age.

In this way, and thanks to alliances with entities such as Microsoft and The Biz Nation, it has taken virtual education, design, digital marketing, and technology courses to dozens of people in Chocó.

But the love for his region did not stop there and for this reason, after moving around heaven and earth, he managed to contact the regional SENA and the directors of the Global Art, Science and Technology Foundation (Global AC&T Foundation) based in Medellín, to bring its educational robotics program to a group of seven girls, including an indigenous minor.

He belongs to a community in Alto Baudó with which he has been in contact for a long time through a leader.

He shares the texts he makes with him and he reads them to the interested members of his community.

The arrival of the minor community member and her Afro-Chocoan classmates, who today are part of the Girls Powered Chocó Women’s Robotics team, occurred after a selection in three schools in the Chocoana capital and an enriching dialogue with rectors and technology teachers.

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“I said that I really wanted them not only to be Afro-Chocoan girls but that we could also look for girls of indigenous origin and in one of those schools there was a girl who was already interested, who likes robotics, who belongs to a community close to the leader that I am telling you, that I wanted and had already done a little bit of seedlings ”, says Sánchez.

Thanks to this alliance, the minors have already begun to soak up educational robotics and at the end of February they will begin the training courses to participate in the tournament that the Global AC&T Foundation organizes every year in November.

Haidy’s dream, through her foundation that is growing little by little and with which she has been able to impact dozens of families in her homeland, is to be a facilitator of the dreams of those who have not had an easy time in life. .

For now, this exemplary woman is focused on sowing the seeds of robotics and closing the existing gaps between her homeland and the rest of the country, while she manages, as she has shown over time, to reach these young men. that are being manipulated by illegal groups.

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