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The Colombian team of which Tomás Roncero is a fan

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The Colombian team of which Tomás Roncero is a fan

Tomás Roncero is a renowned Spanish sports journalist who was born in Madrid, Spain in 1965. His work has been carried out in high-audience media such as sports AS and the television program “El Chiringuito de Jugones”, where he is recognized for his explosive reflections and different controversies in his comments around world football. This has earned him the love and disgust of an enviable audience.

To learn more about Roncero, it should be noted that he studied Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, and began his journalistic career at the sports newspaper Marca in 1989. In 1996, he joined the AS team, where he has worked ever since as editor-in-chief. Several years of experience support his work.

His participation in the television program “El Chiringuito de Jugones” is continually based on defending Real Madrid, his favorite team. In the program, Roncero is recognized as he has already been told, for his exalted interventions and for his passionate defense of Real Madrid.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the most popular figures in sports journalism in Europe. Recently, Roncero surprised Colombians, this, because in a transmission for the medium in which he works he was seen wearing a shirt from the capital team: Millonarios. While talking about the VAR decisions in the recent Barcelona vs. Real Madrid classic, his blue outfit caught the attention of his fans.

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