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The color of faith is Chinese red patriotism education spreads all over the campus

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  Let patriotism penetrate into the blood of young people, and bury the seeds of patriotism in the depths of the hearts of every student——

  The color of faith is China Red

At the opening ceremony of Nankai University 86 years ago, President Zhang Boling issued the famous “Three Questions about Patriotic” to all Nankai teachers and students. On September 7 this year, at the opening ceremony of the 2021 freshmen of Nankai University, 4186 undergraduates and 5347 graduate students once again relived this simple and heavy “three questions”. “Are you Chinese?” “Yes!” “Do you love China?” “Love!” “Would you like China?” “Yes! May the motherland be prosperous and strong!” The strongest voice of patriotism in the new era is in Nankai The sky reverberates for a long time.

During this “Eleventh” holiday, China, which represents faith, is flying in the motherland, and the atmosphere of patriotic education throughout the country is particularly strong. In daily life, schools also adopt a way that students love to hear, and subtly carry out “down-to-earth” patriotism education through the form of “seeing-saying-doing-acting” to realize the deep integration of patriotism inside and outside the daily classroom. Let patriotism penetrate into the blood of young people, and bury the seeds of patriotism in the depths of the hearts of every student.

  1. Special commemoration on special days

On March 5 this year, when the National Lei Feng Day is approaching, the cadres and some students of the Young Pioneer Brigade of the 36th Primary School in Urumqi and the soldiers of the 69240 unit carried out the “Military and Civilian Co-construction, Practicing New Ideas, and Letting Lei Feng Spirit Shine” ; On the eve of “July 1st”, the theme education launching ceremony of “Inheriting the red gene and striving to be newcomers of the era” held at the patriotism education base of the 11th Division of Troop 69240; “Me and My Motherland” theme education series activities during the “Eleventh” period …

Through a series of special activities held at special times, the 36th Elementary School allows students to subtly receive patriotism education in their usual study and life. Li Zexi, a sixth grade student, said: Through the various patriotic education activities organized by the school, I have learned to cherish today’s happy life, strengthen my ideals and beliefs, study hard, cultivate my skills, inherit the red gene, and strive to be a good boy in the new era of socialism. , To build the motherland more prosperous and strong!

Li Zhen, deputy secretary of the school’s party branch and principal, believes that the lofty ideals and firm beliefs of our children and children are the invincible driving force of a country and a nation. This series of patriotic education activities is to train more young people who integrate their own ego into the big ego of the motherland and the big ego of the people. The patriotism education in the new era must keep pace with the times, aiming at stimulating the national self-esteem, self-confidence and pride of young people and making them full of the sense of mission of “the strong young people make the country strong”.

Schools are an important position for youth patriotism education. Integrating patriotism education into activities such as party day and group day, theme class meetings, and opening ceremonies can enhance students’ sense of the times and sense of participation.

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September 18 this year is the 90th anniversary of the September 18th Incident. With this special anniversary, the Quanshan Road School in Huaibei City, Anhui Province launched a series of patriotic education activities to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the September 18th Incident:

On the morning of September 13, Quanshan Road School held a solemn flag-raising ceremony and all teachers and students sang the national anthem. The school teacher introduced the history of the “September 18th” incident to the students and called on everyone not to forget the suffering years and those who sacrificed for the cause of national liberation.

Subsequently, the third and fourth grades of the school launched the “Don’t forget the national humiliation, strive to be strong, our generation will be self-reliant, and our country will be strong”. The squadron instructors let the students relive the painful history that can not be recalled in the form of pictures and videos. The students said that the shocking evidence of aggression and the monument inscribed with “September 18” deeply shocked their hearts in the affectionate narration of the counselors.

On the afternoon of September 15, the school organized fourth-grade student representatives to visit the Huaibei City Museum to visit the “Photo Exhibition Commemorating the Chinese People’s Victory and the 76th Anniversary of the Victory of the World Anti-Fascist War”. The touching story of serving the country has given teachers and students a profound education in revolutionary patriotism.

  2. Patriotism education is all over the campus

“What is more important than life?”

When you walk into the “Renya School”, the red education base of Xiapu School in Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, you can see this problem as soon as you look up.

“Renya School” is named after the revolutionary martyr Zhang Renya. Zhang Renya, known as the “guardian of the party constitution” and “the bravest and resolute revolutionary fighter”, once risked his life to guard China‘s earliest existing Chinese translation of the “Communist Manifesto” and the first party constitution of the Communist Party of China and other precious documents. Xiapu School is Zhang Renya’s alma mater.

“Renya Academy” covers an area of ​​more than 600 square meters and consists of a characteristic party building cultural corridor, a multi-functional audio-visual experience hall and a comprehensive practice base. The school uses modern technology to activate the “Zhang Renya Spirit” into a spiritual food that can be seen, heard, interacted, and passed on. Teachers and students learn from Zhang Renya’s story in a series of activities such as image review, interactive games, drama appreciation, and scene experience, and deepen their understanding and perception of red culture.

“‘The party constitution is more important than life’ is Zhang Renya’s answer. Under the background of the new era, the majority of students may have different answers to this question.” When visiting the school, you can learn and experience with questions and find your own answers. Moreover, we hope that students will think about this question throughout the three years of junior high school and even longer until they find their own answers.”

Nowadays, visiting “Renya Academy” has become a “required course” for every Xiapu student, and “Renya Academy” has also become a course experiment field rooted in the red gene.

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“Why should we be patriotic?” Zhang Jianxia raised questions to the students in the principal’s ideological and political class. In the knowledge of middle school students, love for the motherland seems to be a matter of course, and few people have really thought about the reasons for patriotism. Zhang Jianxia compared photos before and after the founding of New China, telling children that “being beaten if you are behind”, only if everyone loves the party and the country and builds the motherland can they have a happy life now. Through this study, the students understood the reason and meaning of patriotism, and began to think about their mission and responsibilities.

The principal’s ideological and political classroom held in the “Renya Academy” has become a reserved project of the school. From the low grade, high grade to the middle grade of primary school, the school has set up ideological and political courses for students in each grade according to the characteristics of different ages. Classes are not limited to conventional forms. Teachers and students work together to study, tell, discuss, engage in activities, and explore to understand the meaning of patriotism, why and how to be patriotic.

Integrate patriotism education into the classroom and integrate patriotism education into campus culture.

In order to arouse students’ patriotic enthusiasm and bring this feeling to study and daily life, the teachers of Xingbin Primary School in Jimei District, Xiamen City lead students to visit the Jiageng Garden in the school, and learn from Mr. Tan Kah Kee’s deeds. Students are educated in patriotism.

According to the teacher of Xingbin Elementary School, education and teaching are not only limited to the classroom, but patriotic feelings are all over the campus. The teachers led the students on the promenade, explaining and reviewing major historical events, wherever they went, the students listened and remembered. The meticulous and vivid explanations give the students a better understanding of the party’s century-old history. Under the leadership of the party, China, which has experienced a century of history, needs young people to work hard to enter the era of a powerful country, which arouses the patriotism in the students’ hearts. Affection.

  3. Red research enriches the spiritual world

In January of this year, the Education Bureau of Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province compiled the “Research and Study Travel in Beilun” research manual, designed 9 educational research routes for more than 80,000 students in the district, Zhang Renya Party School in Beilun District It is an important stop on the “Red Mark Pursuing Journey” route.

Liu Xinmeng, the 7th grade student, is a member of the research team of the “Red Gene from Generation to Generation-Pursuing Alumni Zhang Renya” at Xiapu School. This topic was determined by her and 7 team members after in-depth study of the story of alumni Zhang Renya in the school’s “Renya Academy”.

Visiting Zhang Renya’s former residence, interviewing Zhang Renya’s niece, Jiang Bibo’s grandma, visiting the Party Chapter School… Through a series of research and research activities, Liu Xinmeng and the team members have a deeper understanding of Zhang Renya’s story and “Renya spirit” Understanding and perception.

During the study process, the group members learned that the Party Constitution Academy was recruiting small commentators, and they signed up to participate. After a series of links such as simulation explanations and knowledge competitions in the trials, Liu Xinmeng and two teammates became glorious little commentators, and they received 16 batches of more than 500 visitors in total. Nowadays, the small figure wearing the red ribbon of the guide has become a characteristic landscape of Zhang Renya’s Party Constitution Academy.

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In addition to Zhang Renya Party Constitution School, all schools in Beilun District are carrying out patriotic education based on the research and learning routes built by regional red education resources.

Last semester, students from Ningbo Donghai Experimental School took over the poles and baskets representing the spirit of the Long March and embarked on a 25-mile trek to re-take the “Long March Road”. Although the journey is only a few hours, the students only drink boiled water and eat buns, and learn the revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary fighters who are not afraid of hardship and tiredness.

“Usually, students can only learn the spirit of revolutionary fighters in books, and their perception is also one-sided. And the form of the’Micro Long March’ gave all students a true understanding of the hard time and the will and spirit of the revolutionary fighters. Experience is a precious immersive red education for everyone.” said Wang Jianchui, principal of Ningbo Donghai Experimental School.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port Chuanshan Port Area Wharf, Beilun District Development and Opening Pavilion, Beilun District Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall, Meishan Salt Field… More and more regional red education resources are being tapped and used, becoming an important position for Beilun students to learn red culture and inherit red genes .

Shicheng Town, Miyun District, Beijing is also a red fertile soil, where many national heroes have emerged, such as Bai Yihua who fought bloody battles against aggression, and the “Seven Martyrs” who used their lives to write indomitable spirit. Among them, a heroic mother named Deng Yufen sent her husband and five children to the front line, and they all died in battle.

Every year, Shicheng Town Central Primary School comes to the “Hero Mother Deng Yufen” theme square and the theme sculpture to carry out patriotism education and research activities, inheriting the red gene.

This year’s “June 1”, the students came here again. The descendant of Grandma Deng Yufen, Ren Yiyang of the Third (1) Squadron, told the classmates the heroic story of her grandma Deng Yufen. She said: “Grandma told her sons again and again, remember, we are Chinese, and we must not forget our ancestors to death!”

Counselor Wang Xu told the team members about his process of gradually growing into an excellent teacher under the call of the party: “After I graduated, I went to Shicheng Primary School, the hometown of heroic mother Deng Yufen. The old party member of the school told me about Deng Yufen. Mom’s heroic deeds and her heroic and selfless spirit always inspire me… You grow up in the heroic stone city, and you must study hard and use practical actions to add luster to the red scarf. When you grow up, you will develop and forge ahead for your hometown and motherland. “

  (Our reporter Yang Sa)


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