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The commercialization of borojó – Chocó7días.com

Solomon Garcia Cordoba

By Solomon Garcia Cordoba

I love going out in the morning to walk along the boardwalk and in some afternoons to watch the sunsets and contemplate the blushes of the sun as it goes down in the jungle that can be seen in the mountains of the Serranía del Baudó.

On one of those visits to the boardwalk I observed a number of sacks full of borojó, some of them burst due to the pressure of the fruits that, due to the high temperature caused by the sun’s rays, explode, giving an unpleasant appearance.

This borojó comes from Bojayá to be later transported to Medellín, Cartagena, Barranquilla where in the market places they sell it bagged in tights, after having kneaded them with dirt and with a horrible flavor that they mask with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Many of these fruits acquire a black color since they have been harvested green and are ripened by wrapping them in newspaper.

In the 1990s, when I worked at the Corporation for the Sustainable Development of Chocó, Codechocó, as Deputy Director of Control and Environmental Quality, the transport of borojó was prohibited in the state already described and the packages were confiscated, since that way of marketing the fruit was detrimental to this product that entered the markets of the interior of Colombia.

Today we do not know if these controls are not considered among the functions of Codechocó or if there are other mechanisms that allow its export in this way.

Annex a photograph of the packages located precisely in front of the headquarters of the Corporation.

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