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The compassion

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The compassion

It is a feeling that emanates from the understanding of the suffering of another being, which leads to compenetration with the mere spirit of appeasing the painful action, and if possible, eliminating it completely.

It is a kind of empathy, only that it remains in the desire to act. Compassion shudders, humanizes and enriches our spirit and then the appropriate words sprout in front of the despondent.

Compassion is the desire complemented with the action that leads us to be better human beings, supportive and happier, since it makes us sensitive to social problems and difficulties; It is a practice of the spirit that frees us from hatred, resentment, and selfishness and directs us to be what we truly are and feel, to respect the feelings of others, to accept them as they truly are and recognize them before God and our neighbor.

For religions, compassion even makes references to loving the enemy and those contrary to social ethics.

French philosopher Simone Weil comments in her notes: “Whoever authentically loves his neighbor, even if he denies the existence of God, loves God.”

Undirected compassion becomes a universal feeling and from there the conception of poverty and misery and the focus on its total destruction, which is what makes man a true leader and in this way identifies him with God. Compassion is the combination of the natural with the supernatural.

Compassion protects with kindness and allows good social relations with the development of the social spirit; and feeling for others helps identify suffering and eradicate it to build well-being.

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It is a feeling of empathy with a feeling of sadness, but that helps to seek equal treatment by understanding the situation inferior to one’s; it is a show of mercy and pity for others.

Political compassion makes man friendly and solvent towards those who suffer and have many needs and prevents the desire to take advantage of other people’s assets, community assets, mistreat with power, allow themselves disrespect for a rule of law and assistance for those most in need, but allows for forgiveness towards the enemy, without resorting to anomie, or lack of application and elimination of the laws and norms that protect the state universe and society.

Political and social compassion indicates the way in which all living beings should be treated, so that equity governs since we all have the right to a better world harboring less evil and suffering.

Political compassion translates into respect for the dignity that every living being deserves.

Let us remember that political elections are approaching and it is convenient to look at those who practice compassion and social sense first in their philosophy, so as not to have to continue living life mired in regret as propagators of human misery.

Compassion is an inherent necessity in society and not a luxury to be displayed on the lapel; Let’s eliminate the political class that judges, since it has no time for compassion and let’s look for the one that opens the paths of hope and has a sense of belonging to its region.

By Fausto Cotes Núñez

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