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The competition for popular positions in the National Entrance Examination has exceeded 2000:1. Why is it uneven? _Candidates

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Original title: The competition for popular positions in the National Entrance Examination has exceeded 2000:1. Why is the hot and cold uneven?

Chinanews client, Beijing, October 19th (Ren Jing) On the 19th, the 2022 national examination registration entered the 5th day, and the registration is almost halfway. The registration ratio of some jobs with higher enthusiasm has exceeded 2000:1. According to the usual practice in previous years, as the registration enters the middle and late stages, the registration peak is about to come.

Part of the job competition continues to rise

A total of 75 departments and 23 directly affiliated institutions participated in the National Examination. It is planned to enroll 31,200 people. Registration will begin on the 15th. Judging from the current registration situation, the registration ratio of popular positions has exceeded 2000:1, and the post of “first-level chief officer and below” of the Tibet Autonomous Region’s Ngari District Post Administration Bureau plans to recruit 1 person. As of 19th, 16th. At that time, the number of applicants for this position reached 2,167 and 3006 were awaiting trial.

According to past practice, the national exam registration is entering the middle and late stages, and the registration peak is about to appear, and the number of applicants for some popular positions and the number of people who have passed the review will continue to increase.

In fact, since 2009, over one million people have registered for the National Entrance Examination for 13 consecutive years, and the popularity has continued to rise. In recent years, the number of college graduates has continued to rise, and a large number of fresh graduates have joined the national examination army, which has intensified the degree of competition in the national examination. Every year in the national exam registration, there are almost always “hot positions” that cause candidates to get together to sign up. For example, in the 2021 national exam registration, there will be a situation where competition for multiple positions exceeds “three thousand to one”.

How to treat “uneven hot and cold”?

“The so-called’hottest jobs’ appear randomly during registration each year. According to the practice of previous years, the number of applicants for popular positions will increase rapidly in the final stage of registration. These positions with a large number of applicants and fierce competition often restrict conditions. Fewer and lower entry threshold.” said Zheng Wenzhao, an expert from the Huatu Education Research Institute, that candidates need to make scientific and rational judgments based on their own circumstances to avoid blindly following the trend in applying for the exam.

As the experts said, most of the popular positions in this recruitment and registration are not limited to majors, not limited to grassroots experience, not limited to political outlook, and not limited to previous sessions.

It is worth mentioning that, in stark contrast to the situation where candidates get together to register for some positions, there are still some positions that are currently in a “zero registration” state where no one has registered, and these positions often have more restrictive conditions for registration.

Take the post of “Sergeant I and below” of the Shenzhen Bay Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau as an example. This post requires candidates to have a minimum of two years of grassroots work experience, and the identity needs to be a special job plan for college students, village officials, and teachers in rural compulsory education schools. The “Three Supports and One Support” program, the University Student Volunteer Service in the West Program, one of the retired soldiers of college graduates who have served in the military for more than 5 years (inclusive) requires law-related majors, and requires a grade 4 or 6 score of no less than 425 points. The position plans to recruit 5 people, as of 16:00 on the 19th, no one applied.

In this regard, Huang Jianhong, a researcher at the Soochow University Think Tank and a professor at the School of Politics and Public Administration, said that the “uneven hot and cold” situation in the national entrance examination is due to the fact that the requirements for some positions are indeed relatively high, which leads to meeting the registration conditions. The number of candidates is relatively small. On the other hand, because of the information asymmetry, the candidates have limited knowledge of the position, and have misunderstandings about the working environment and conditions of some unpopular positions, resulting in fewer applicants.

Experts believe that to change the unevenness of the hot and cold in the recruitment of civil servants, on the one hand, it is necessary to increase the public’s awareness of the position and break the public’s stereotype of the position. On the other hand, we should start from the aspects of system design, mechanism improvement, and coordination of relevant departments to make the job setting more scientific and attract more outstanding talents.

National entrance examination registration, these times need attention

The national exam registration is about to pass halfway, and the peak of registration is approaching. Candidates should pay attention to the following questions.

According to the relevant policy answers in the 2022 national examination topic on the National Civil Service Bureau website, applicants can only apply for one position at a time during the registration stage. Candidates can change before the recruitment agency conducts the qualification review of the application.

Applicants who have passed the qualification review of the recruitment agency are not allowed to apply for other positions. Applicants who have not passed the qualification review of the recruitment agency can apply for other positions before 18:00 on October 24, 2021 (the deadline for registration), but cannot re-apply for the original position.

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