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The condominium, all civil, fiscal and safety rules

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The condominium, all civil, fiscal and safety rules

What is meant by condominium? What are the rules to be respected in an apartment building? What kind of company is a condominium? How many types of condominiums are there? A condominium is, for sure, a building. Apparently, a legal entity. Maybe even a tax entity. The concept of condominium belongs to those definitions of which everyone captures the frame but not the essence and its practical functioning remains largely unknown to most. Popular wisdom teaches that “Even the queen needed her neighbor” and this will probably be the case for more than 80% of Italians living in a condominium, according to the latest EUROSTAT data. Furthermore, according to ISTAT, the number of condominiums in Italy largely exceeds one million. There can be no doubt, therefore, that a better knowledge of the mechanics of this entity can be useful to the daily life of many.
For this reason Il Sole 24 Ore presents the book “Il condominio. All civil, fiscal and safety rules ”by Alessandro Ciatti Caimi, Full Professor of Civil Law at the University of Turin; Silvio Rivetti, tax expert, qualified lawyer, former international manager and Mario Maccagno, PhD in Industrial Security and Risk Analysis at the Polytechnic of Turin. The volume will also be available in e-book format on the main multimedia platforms at a price of € 9.90.

The book provides a complete review of the rules applicable to the condominium of the most appropriate mastery, dividing it into three areas. In the first place – reads the introduction – the text details the civil law of the condominium and the rules of law that constitute the supporting body and the scaffolding of condominium life in 100 questions and answers. Secondly, the work pays attention to the tax aspects that arise from the activities and initiatives concerning the condominium, with particular regard to the opportunities associated with the various building bonuses recognized for real estate redevelopment and tax obligations. Finally, the book offers a useful insight into the technical regulations on safety, risk and accident prevention and plant management, which are also applicable in the condominium area, concludes the introduction. “The condominium. All the civil, fiscal and safety rules ”is a complete legal guide written with a practical and clear cut, useful both for the administrator’s work and for the knowledge of the individual condominium.

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