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The conjuing of the ceciuos

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The conjuing of the ceciuos

Those responsible for this government of Castroite adolescents cannot measure the magnitude of the loophole that they opened with their bad behavior in the face of the takeover by some alleged peasant militias of the oil fields of San Vicente del Caguan and the improper retention of 78 police officers. .

As if they had opened the floodgates of a cascade, 67 oil companies, obviously led by the Chinese company Esmerald, which was drilling the Caquetá fields, have requested government authorization to withdraw from their exploitation fields.

All of them, as verified by the Chinese company, consider that the minimum security conditions do not exist to continue working in the country. Regardless of the fact that this was a carambola from the unsympathetic Minister Vélez and her anti-extractionist theses, what the imperialist oil tankers of the 21st century are telling us is that in Colombia there is neither order nor constitutional norms that would guarantee the balanced functioning of a country , but rather that the homeland has been left in the hands of armed bands equated by presidential decree to the institutional uniformed forces.

This government of Leninist adolescents has subverted the language and the meanings of laws and words to try to destroy what worked well. Wrong, seeking to build on our ruins a homeland only possible in the delusions caused by the rampage of pride and the excess of intoxicating broths and hallucinating powders, they corner us in an increasingly growing crisis of mistrust.

The same one that leads the disillusioned populace, and the frightened rich people, to contrive a conspiracy of fools, speaking here and there, of the integration of a so-called Governing Board, as when on July 20, 1810, longing for it as solution to replace those who failed to take over the executive branch.

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It would be a democratic solution to the Colombian and very petrista because, in the distortion of the language that they do, in another country that would be a coup d’état.


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