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The consumption of new year goods is more prosperous this year_ Securities Times Network

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Stable price and good quality

New Year’s goods consumption, this year is even more prosperous

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the urban and rural markets in Zhalantun City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region are full of New Year flavors. The picture shows citizens shopping for candy on the pedestrian street in Zhalantun City.Photo by Han Yingqun

On January 21, consumers shop for New Year’s goods in the large supermarket area of ​​RT-Mart on Huaihai Road, Huaibei City, Anhui Province.Photo by Zhou Fangling

The Spring Festival is approaching, the consumption of New Year’s goods is booming, and people are preparing for the Spring Festival. More variety, customized and refined quality products are more popular, and the online “New Year’s Day” is in full swing… The reporter recently visited major supermarkets and found that this year’s New Year’s goods consumer market is more lively and “fresh”.

No price increase during the New Year, buy with peace of mind

In Beijing Hualian Life Supermarket Taiyanggong store, cheerful New Year songs are heard, which makes the shopping atmosphere full of New Years. The child sitting in the cart holds a bag full of sugar and oranges, and helps his mother to pick it out; young couples pick vegetables hand in hand and discuss what to eat for dinner; Big promotion “”Fresh vegetables come and have a look”, the supermarket staff enthusiastically promoted…

“There are a lot of people buying vegetables and meat in the past few days. Fruits such as strawberries and sugar oranges are also selling very well.” The supermarket staff told reporters while busy sorting vegetables, “It’s less than a week before the New Year’s Eve. , every household should prepare New Year’s goods.”

On the side of the gift box, Mr. Gao is choosing a New Year gift for his family at the suggestion of the staff. “This braised chicken is also delicious, you can pack two.” The staff said, “There are many people who buy this hawthorn, and this sausage…” Mr. Gao told reporters that he plans to stay in Beijing this year to celebrate the New Year and buy some gifts. Sending it back by courier can be regarded as sending your heart to your home.

Yams, potatoes, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage… The shopping carts of Grandma Zhao and Grandma Gao, who live nearby, are full. “Taking advantage of the weekend, our old sisters went out for a walk and bought some New Year’s goods.” Grandma Zhao said, “Yams and potatoes can be stored for a long time, so I bought more, and the price is not expensive. Potatoes are less than a pound. 1 yuan.”

Looking at the prices of supermarkets, the prices were generally stable, with no significant changes compared to normal. “In the past, when the Chinese New Year was approaching, prices jumped slightly. But I feel that the price of vegetables and meat has not risen much this year, especially the price of pork.” Grandma Zhao said, “The price of pork rose prominently before the Spring Festival last year, and the most expensive time was more than 40 yuan. A pound is about 20 yuan now.” Ms. Li, who often comes to the supermarket to buy vegetables, told reporters that the price of some dishes has even dropped by almost half recently, from about 10 yuan to five or six yuan, especially small cabbage and yellow heart. dishes, etc.

The prices of agricultural products across the country were generally stable last year. Tang Ke, director of the Department of Marketing and Information Technology of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that recently, citrus and other fruits have been on the market in large quantities, and apples, pears and other fruits have abundant stocks, and the fruit market has a sufficient volume and variety, and prices are relatively stable. In terms of meat prices, the price of live pigs in 2021 will drop from 35.8 yuan per kilogram in January to 17.59 yuan in December. In terms of vegetables, the current national vegetable field area is about 80 million mu, an increase of more than 2 million mu compared with the same period last year. About 3 pounds of vegetables a day.

According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, at present, the market of daily necessities in various places is generally in sufficient supply and the prices are generally stable. The consumption of ice and snow such as skating is strong, and the consumer market has a stable start.

Online “New Year’s Goods Festival” categories experience new

The liveliness of the online New Year’s goods consumer market is not inferior to offline. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce and relevant departments jointly guided the holding of the nearly one-month “2022 Online New Year’s Festival”. Major e-commerce platforms will not be closed during the Spring Festival, and will launch more green, smart, high-quality products and catering packages according to the characteristics of festival consumption. , Customized New Year’s Eve dinner, etc.

“Original purchase”, “fresh products” and “customized gifts” have become the key words for Chinese New Year consumption. Opening the Hema APP, the promotion phrases such as “buy New Year’s goods from the place of origin, and the national New Year flavor will be delivered to your home” and “buy fresh for the New Year” come into view. Paying more attention to quality and refined and customized products is the current consumer preference of many consumers. “I have bought Baba mandarin from Sichuan, strawberries from Dandong, Liaoning, and lamb from Inner Mongolia at Hema in the past two days. The quality is not good. It feels great to be able to enjoy the world‘s delicious food in Beijing.” Li Hejia of the New Year’s Eve told reporters, “On the 30th day of the New Year, I plan to invite my little sisters to come to my house for the New Year and make some delicious food. It will definitely be fun.”

Not limited to “food and clothing” in the traditional sense, smart home, beauty, 3C digital, national tide products, flowers, etc. are also included in the New Year’s purchase list, and there are more types in the “basket” of New Year’s goods consumption. The list released by Pinduoduo shows that, combining the three data dimensions of ordering, searching and sharing, Hsu Fu Ji snack gift box, Moutai series wine, Chilean cherries, Apple family products and SK-II skin care products have become the most popular since the platform opened the New Year’s Day. Top 5 popular products. During the New Year’s Day, Pinduoduo also opened the first season of “Duoduo New National Trend”. The “Cooking Assistant” Midea Air Fryer, Galanz Smart Microwave Oven and “Laundry Artifact” Libai Laundry Beads, “The Light of Domestic Products” Yuze Repairing facial masks, Hongxing Erke casual sneakers, and the “All-match New Year’s Eve” Junlebao pure milk and other domestic New Year products are among the best-sellers.

A staff member of the Hema Shanghai Caojiadu store told reporters that since January, the number of consumers choosing green plants and potted plants in the store’s “Hema Garden” display area has increased a lot. Among the hot-selling flowers, the phalaenopsis gift boxes of single plant, 3 plants, 6 plants, 8 plants, 10 plants and 12 plants range in price from 49.9 yuan to 788 yuan. “Rose, silver willow, foreign peony, large flower Huilan, etc. are all suitable for display at home during the Chinese New Year.” Ms. Zhang, who was choosing flowers in the store, said, “Like these silver willow blessing buckets, you can keep them for a whole year. These few days When shopping for vegetables, you can pick up a few and take them home.” The reporter learned that Phalaenopsis currently occupies the “C position” of the flower sales category. It is expected that the price of many multi-colored Phalaenopsis plants will drop by more than 30% this year, and the prices of “main forces” such as lily, Australian plum, and Dahua Huilan have also dropped by 20 to 40% year-on-year.

The concept of New Year’s goods is also quietly changing. In order to reach more young consumers in the booming new consumer market, many brands have turned their attention to e-commerce, creating a new scene of New Year’s goods sales with content. The latest data from Douyin e-commerce shows that the Douyin Good Things New Year’s Day, which just ended, has a total live broadcast time of 31.71 million hours, a total of 42.4 billion viewers in the live broadcast room, and 158 live broadcast rooms with a single transaction turnover of more than 10 million yuan. Among the hot-selling products, there are many cross-category New Year brands such as 3C digital and smart home, and Xiaomi is one of them. Chen Munan, general manager of the live broadcast department of Xiaomi Group’s E-commerce Department in China, believes: “From the perspective of young people, the concept of New Year’s goods is no longer about eating, drinking and drinking, but about a happy experience.”

“In the past, I thought that shopping online during the Chinese New Year was convenient but lacking in atmosphere, but this year, all major platforms have put on the label of ‘New Year’s Day’, and opening any shopping APP is a promotion and activity, which is very prosperous and has a strong New Year’s flavor. Strong.” Li Hejia said that some platforms have also introduced novelty products such as salute canister potato chips, which have become the “atmosphere group responsible” for the New Year, bringing high-traffic social discussion to the New Year’s goods.

Stable production and supply, guaranteed express delivery time

Consumption is booming, how to stabilize production and supply online and offline, and deliver the New Year’s goods in time?

In terms of ensuring the timeliness of express delivery, the reporter learned that Zhongtong, Yunda and Jitu, as special express partners of Pinduoduo during the Spring Festival, will provide consumers with uninterrupted goods and logistics services. During the period, if the packages carried by these 3 express delivery companies have “false trajectory” and “post-collection time limit” triggering compensation to consumers, the relevant expenses will be borne by the express company. This move is expected to enhance the Spring Festival consumption experience. “During the Spring Festival, we will improve the utilization efficiency of various resources and ensure the orderly supply of New Year’s goods.” said the relevant person in charge of Pinduo’s multi-year goods festival.

The relevant person in charge of JD.com also said that during the Spring Festival, JD.com will escort consumers’ Spring Festival consumption experience with abundant commodities, uninterrupted logistics, and reliable technology. “2022 is the tenth consecutive year of JD.com’s “Spring Festival Delivery”. The products and emotional transmission established through the “New Year’s Spring Festival Transport” will allow every consumer to spend the New Year with peace of mind no matter where they are.”

In terms of ensuring the supply and price of agricultural products, Tang Ke said that, looking at all aspects of the situation, during the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics and Paralympics this year, the total supply of meat, eggs, milk, fruit, vegetables and fish is sufficient, which can fully meet the consumption needs of urban and rural residents.

Tang Ke introduced that in the next stage, we will continue to stabilize production, focus on the production of winter and spring vegetables in key areas such as the “South-to-North Vegetable Transport” bases, major vegetable provinces in the north, and large and medium-sized cities, and continue to do a good job in livestock and poultry aquaculture. Improve the market supply capacity of “vegetable basket” products; smooth circulation, actively coordinate the production area and sales area to build a “point-to-point” docking relationship to ensure that “vegetable basket” products are produced, shipped and supplied; Focus on special periods such as major festivals, major events, and extreme weather such as rain and snow, and strengthen production scheduling and market dynamic monitoring and early warning.

“The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China, and it is also a peak season for residents’ consumption.” Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Shu Jueting said, “The Ministry of Commerce will coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and consumption promotion work, and guide commercial and trade circulation enterprises to open their business normally during the Spring Festival. Urge enterprises to further strengthen the organization of supply sources, replenish goods in a timely manner, and effectively ensure the supply of the festival market.” Shu Jueting said that the Ministry of Commerce will also work with relevant departments to release the central reserve beef and mutton to some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and instruct all localities to actively enrich local reserves. Organize the distribution of daily necessities such as winter vegetables in a timely manner.

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