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The country is responsible for the sun and the moon-Chinanews

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  [Central Broadcasting Network Review]The country is in charge of the sun and the moon

Looking back at history, China‘s aerospace industry has developed under specific historical conditions when the level of science and technology is relatively backward and the material foundation is very weak. During the period of socialist revolution and construction, a large number of people with high ambitions, brave missions, and adherence to their original aspirations, with full love for the new China, uphold the principle of “self-reliance and independent innovation”, and dedicated their youth to the motherland. Aerospace industry. They are not afraid of sacrifices and difficulties. They have nurtured the “two bombs and one star” spirit of love for the motherland, selfless dedication, self-reliance, hard work, vigorous coordination, and courage to climb with their wisdom and sweat.

On October 16, 1964, my country’s first atomic bomb successfully exploded; on October 27, 1966, my country’s first medium- and short-range surface-to-surface missile with a nuclear warhead successfully exploded; June 17, 1967, my country’s first The air-blast test of the hydrogen bomb was successful; on April 24, 1970, my country’s first artificial satellite “Dongfanghong” 1 was successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Since then, China has had a solid national defense force to defend its home and country and safeguard peace, and its international status has been significantly improved.

The “two bombs and one satellite” marked a crucial step for China in the fields of national defense and science and technology, and opened a new chapter in China‘s space exploration. Over the past few decades, China‘s aerospace industry has grown from scratch, from weak to strong, step by step, successfully embarking on the great journey of dreaming into space.

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From the smooth launch of the first manned spacecraft, Shenzhou V, to the safe return of the three astronauts’ “space journey”, Shenzhou 12; from the first lunar exploration satellite “Chang’e 1,” the mission was successfully completed, Entering Shaoshan to the moon to comfort Chairman Mao’s long-cherished wish of “can go to the moon in nine days” during his lifetime; from the launch of the first Beidou navigation satellite to the complete deployment of the Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system constellation…every day that will last forever in the annals of history They all represent new achievements in China‘s aerospace industry, and every miracle that astounds the world condenses the efforts of Chinese scientists and astronauts. The spirit of manned spaceflight, the spirit of lunar exploration, and the spirit of the Beidou of the new era that have gradually formed during this long journey are an important part of the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists, just like the “two bombs and one satellite” spirit.

Chasing dreams of the vast stars, unforgettable the difficulties of pioneering. The loud spring thunder in the depths of the Gobi Gobi in Northwest China 57 years ago is still inspiring to think of. The sustained development of China‘s aerospace industry is the result of the joint efforts of generations of astronauts with the courage and determination to “do earth-shattering things” and the feelings of “being incognito and burying celebrities”. In the future, aerospace workers in the new era will continue to follow the old generation of astronauts as an example, have the dream of a powerful aerospace nation in mind, strengthen their belief in aerospace power, overcome obstacles, continue to strive for self-improvement, and constantly refresh the height of China‘s entry into space, so that the aerospace spirit will shine in the nine heavens. (Guan Lingzi, commentator on CCTV)

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