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The court took away her 12-year-old daughter from 78-year-old Valentina Pidverbnaya

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The court took away her 12-year-old daughter from 78-year-old Valentina Pidverbnaya

“There were always scandals there. Both – Anya and Valentina – use matyuki through the word”

Anya Podverbna has not lived with her 78-year-old mother for six months. After the social services took Anya away from her family, she was in a hospital for some time, and later in a rehabilitation center in the Chernihiv region, where she remains to this day. The girl was taken away after she registered on Instagram and told there that her mother was abusing her mentally and physically: “She takes off my underwear and socks, tears my clothes, doesn’t let me wash and wash things, scratches and hits me…”.


In addition, Anya said that her mother “calls her cross-eyed” and at the same time refuses to take her to eye surgery, which she really needs. In support of her words, Anya exhibited several photos with bruises and an audio recording of an argument with her mother, during which Pidverbna declared that Anya would not have any eye surgery. The girl told her followers that her mother would soon lead her to suicide and asked for help.

Anya’s Instagram post about her mother abusing her mentally and physically

After this post, Anya was taken away by social services. They took it away with a scandal – the neighbors told “FACTS” that “screams could be heard throughout the yard” and that Valentina Pidverbna tried to prevent social workers from taking her daughter away. Anya herself later contacted her followers on Instagram and made it clear that she did not want to return to her mother.

Neighbors told “FACTS” that Podverbna led a closed lifestyle all these years – she did not communicate with anyone and did not let anyone to the threshold of her apartment. At the same time, when the front door was opened, the neighbors “heard a terrible stench”. And they also heard the screams of both – both mother and daughter.

– There were always scandals there. Both – Anya and Valentina – use matyuki through the word, – told “FAKTAM” Podverbnaya’s neighbor Tatiana. — The girl can be quite aggressive – I saw her push her mother, swing her hand at her. It’s terrible, but I can hardly say that Anya is to blame for this. It is obvious that she became this way because of the situation in which she grew up all these years. Before Anya went to school, Podverbna forbade her to communicate with other people. If someone approached her and her daughter and tried to start a conversation, Valentna would start shouting, cursing, forbidding anyone to approach her daughter. She seemed to live in her own world all the time, she was fixated on some superstitions and fears. And her child grew up in this.

Valentyna Podverbna led an inhumane lifestyle even before the birth of her daughter. In 2011, immediately after the birth of Anya, at that time 65-year-old Valentina Pidverbna told journalists that she decided to undergo IVF (in vitro fertilization) because of the fear of being alone in her old age. After the death of her mother, Valentina Pidverbna lived alone (in her youth she was married twice, but both marriages ended in divorce) and when, denying herself everything, she saved up money for IVF, she turned to a Kyiv reproductive clinic. There, despite her age, they went to meet her – and that’s how Anya was born.

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“FACTS” wrote about the birth of Valentina Podverbna’s child

Podverbnaya’s further behavior was strange – despite obvious financial problems, she categorically refused any help and did not even let social workers to the threshold of her apartment, driving them away with screams and shouts. A few years later, articles began to appear in the local press with the stories of neighbors who said that Podverbna communicates with her mother and her daughter, that she forbids little Anya to communicate with other children, and that the girl herself walks dirty and sloppy even in her own at that time mother also uses five years.

The appearance of Podverbnaya and little Anya in 2016 in the studio of the program “One for All” on the STB TV channel was a confirmation that not everything in this family is fine: at that time it was already obvious that the child had strabismus, but her mother said that “Anya is just being silly”.

Valentina Pidverbna with her daughter in Dmytro Karpachev’s studio

After Anya was taken from her family, local officials reported that “the girl has a whole bunch of diseases.” Police officers drew up administrative protocols regarding Podverbna’s improper performance of parental duties. The decision of the executive committee of the city council to remove the child from the family was sent to the court with the question of depriving the mother of parental rights.

On October 20, the Novozavodsk District Court of Chernihiv issued a decision on this matter. The court session was held behind closed doors, so its details remain unknown. But it is known that they decided to take the child away from Valentina Podverbnaya.

“The case of taking away a child from Valentina Podverbnaya was considered. The meeting was held in closed session. The introductory and final part of the decision was announced, according to which it was decided to remove the minor child from the mother, without deprivation of parental rights. Until the minor reaches the age of 14, i.e. by February 23, 2025.” – reported in a comment to “Suspilno” Tetyana Andrushko, press secretary of the Novozavodsk District Court.

“Valentina often meets with a lawyer, tries to get her daughter back”

The court’s arguments in favor of such a decision will become known later. However, it can be assumed that the court took into account the opinion of Ania Podvebnaya herself, who categorically does not want to return home. Anya often writes about this on Instagram. Shortly before the court decision, Anya wrote:

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“Tell me what’s going on. It seems to me that the matter stands. I want to try that normal life and never go back to what you wouldn’t call normal.”

Anya said live on Instagram that she found friends in the rehabilitation center. And when asked by subscribers about her mother, she said: “My mother sometimes comes to see me. We communicate… But she didn’t understand, to be honest. Do you see the scar on the hand? She nailed me… I won’t go home. I don’t want to go back to her. I can’t live with her.”

Earlier, “Suspilne” published a comment Head of the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children in the village of Khmilnytsia, Chernihiv Oblast, Olena Lukashenkowho said that Anya Podverbna feels great and adapts to the children’s team.

“We work to teach a child to do something with his own hands. We are looking for what she is interested in. We study the child to understand what he wants. To help in her aspirations.” – said Olena Lukashenko.

Commenting on the relationship between Anya and her mother, Olena Lukashenko said: “There was a conflict in the family and we are working to repair that relationship.”

Anya Podverbna posted this post on her page with a sarcastic phrase: “No comments”, — and answered all subscribers’ questions about her mother that she would not return to her.

At the end of September, Anya posted her new photos, in which she demonstrated that she had lost weight and offered to compare her “before” and “after” pictures.

Anya to the rehabilitation center This is what the girl looks like now

Earlier, Anya wrote another post:

“Why does my mother want to send me back to hell? That is, to her. Why does she not need me at all? Only children and subsidy. To be honest, I didn’t even have normal birthdays. To quote my mother: “We will celebrate your birthdays only when you stop squinting. Or I’ll buy you a doll only when you stop squinting. I will no longer have a childhood.”

This post was very different from all the previous ones, because it was written correctly and in the Ukrainian language (all the previous ones were in Russian). This caused many to doubt that Anya runs her page herself. After that, the post was deleted from the girl’s page.

Versions that someone runs social networks instead of Ani were fueled by Valentina Pidverbna herself, who said in a comment on TSN: “She was made to write it! They sit there and demand. And she’s small, she doesn’t understand anything… I have envious people.” Later, in a comment on the program “The whole country is speaking”, Podverbna said that the removal of her daughter from the family was allegedly facilitated by a woman who “provoked the child”.

Valentina Pidverbna during the court session

Meanwhile psychologist Olena Shershnyovawho worked with Anya, said that the girl really needs therapy because she shows aggression:

“She feels confident, even I would say self-confident. In contact with the environment, he tries to dominate. While talking to me, she tried to shock me. It’s all attention seeking. In a sense, her mother put her on this needle herself – when, for example, she took her to talk shows. And now the girl wants to be in the center of attention.

She doesn’t want to go back to her mother, but I don’t see any deep resentment there. Conversations about mom are mundane, with some complaints, as well as about the medical staff. Mom got it, the medical staff got it, someone else got it… But she shows aggression. It is possible that she was beaten, and that this has already taken the form of hypercompensation – now she is beating. She herself told me how she beats my mother, how she throws her on the bed… She even wanted to show it to me. The girl is aggressive and definitely needs therapy.”

Commenting on the court decision, Valentina Pidverbna said that “she doesn’t understand anything herself” and will take it to the lawyer. Meanwhile, neighbors say that Valentina’s behavior has changed recently.

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– She began to look better – dyed her hair, began to dress better, Tetiana, a neighbor, told “FACTS”. — As far as I know, she now often meets with a lawyer, trying to get her daughter back. As before, she does not communicate with the neighbors, but sometimes she began to say hello to me, which is quite unusual. And I did not hear that she had a scandal with anyone… I think she is trying to show that she can raise her daughter. To be honest, I feel sorry for her. Now her greatest fear has come true — to be left alone. The same fear that made her decide to have a child at the age of 65.

But it’s a pity for Anya, who after 12 years of living in such conditions has obvious problems – both psychological and physical. Anya does not want to return, and I am afraid that if she is forcibly returned, all their problems will only intensify. Life in boarding schools and rehabilitation centers is not sugar. But maybe in such a situation it is for the best. Maybe Anya and Valentina will be able to establish a relationship if they see each other from time to time, but do not live under the same roof? I would really like to help Valentina. If only she wanted to accept someone’s help…

Earlier, “FACTS” told the story of a resident of the Kherson region, who went to Russia and returned her 15-year-old daughter, who was kidnapped by the occupiers.

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