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The creation of Nanling National Park has achieved fruitful results and green and beautiful Guangdong has taken solid steps – China News Service

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Nanling National Park Takes Solid Steps in Ecological Construction

China News Service, Guangzhou, December 10th: The establishment of Nanling National Park in Guangdong has made substantial progress, contributing to the development and preservation of the region’s rich biodiversity. The park, which consists of 14 nature reserves, has met the requirements of the national park creation evaluation index system and is now in the approval stage. The efforts to create the Nanling National Park have proven successful, marking a significant step towards the ecological construction of a green and beautiful Guangdong.

The establishment of a national park system is a crucial measure to promote natural ecological protection and enhance environmental sustainability. The “Decision of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on Further Promoting the Ecological Construction of Green and Beautiful Guangdong” was recently reviewed and passed, outlining a roadmap and plan to build a harmonious symbiosis of Green and Beautiful Guangdong. The decision aims to establish a “double garden” province of national parks and national botanical gardens by 2027.

Guangdong has made significant strides in the creation of the Nanling National Park, with ongoing research on the establishment of the Danxia Mountain National Park as well. The province has implemented a comprehensive patrol platform for natural protected areas, focusing on natural restoration and reducing human intervention. The park has preserved a complete mountain forest ecosystem and protected a diverse array of wild animals and plants, contributing to the region’s rich biodiversity.

The biodiversity within the Nanling National Park has flourished, with over 5,500 species of wild animals and plants being recorded. The park has effectively protected a significant portion of the province’s wild higher plants and vertebrate species, promoting steady growth in vegetation coverage and species populations. Additionally, the wild population of the crocodile lizard, known as the “giant panda among reptiles,” has been increasing year by year, with the population accounting for two-thirds of the country’s wild population.

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The establishment of the Nanling National Park has not only focused on ecological preservation but has also aimed to enrich the lives and livelihoods of local communities. The province plans to build national park entrance communities and peripheral towns, promoting eco-friendly business activities and the development of regional tourism. Various projects have been underway to support the establishment of the park, including the implementation of preliminary work funds and the promotion of infrastructure development.

The Nanling National Park and its surrounding areas, inhabited by the Yao ethnic communities, have seen improvements in living environments and traditional folk culture, adding to the region’s vibrant and green ecological construction in Guangdong.

Overall, the progress made in the creation of the Nanling National Park signifies a significant step towards promoting environmental sustainability and preserving the region’s rich biodiversity, making Guangdong a green and beautiful province.

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