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The daily increase in the number of local infections in mainland China has dropped significantly, and Shanghai recommends that people from key epidemic-related areas suspend their return to Shanghai_News Center_China Net

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China News Agency, Beijing, October 2. Comprehensive news: Mainland China added 548 local infections on October 1 (confirmed + asymptomatic), and the daily increase in the number of local infections hit a new low since August 5.

The number of local infections in mainland China has increased significantly, and 28 provinces have local infections on the same day

China’s National Health Commission announced on the 2nd that there were 179 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in mainland China on the 1st, including 63 imported cases and 116 local cases (including 17 confirmed cases from asymptomatic infections). There were 540 new asymptomatic infections, including 108 imported cases and 432 local cases. No new deaths were reported.

As of 24:00 on October 1, there are 2,945 confirmed cases in mainland China, a total of 5,226 deaths, and a total of 250,800 confirmed cases. There are currently 631 confirmed cases imported from abroad, with a total of 24,208 confirmed cases and no deaths.

According to official reports, there were 548 new cases of local infections in mainland China on the 1st, a record low since August 5, but the scope of infection continued to expand, involving 28 provinces. Among them, 116 new local confirmed cases came from 17 provinces: 26 in Inner Mongolia, 25 in Sichuan, 17 in Guangdong, 9 in Shanxi, 6 each in Yunnan and Ningxia, 5 each in Shandong and Tibet, and 3 each in the other 9 provinces. Example or new additions below.

There were 432 new cases of local asymptomatic infections that day, a new low since August 7. The above-mentioned infected persons are distributed in 26 provinces: 156 cases in Ningxia, 49 cases in Tibet, 30 cases in Xinjiang, 27 cases in Sichuan, 26 cases in Tianjin, 24 cases in Guizhou, and 15 or less new cases in each of the other 22 provinces.

Shanghai recommends that people from key epidemic-related areas suspend their return to Shanghai and Ningxia. There have been 1,700 cases of infection in this round

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On the 1st, Shanghai added 1 new local confirmed case and 4 asymptomatic infections, all of which were found in the isolation control area. From July 3 to October 1, Shanghai has reported a total of 172 local confirmed cases and 768 asymptomatic infections.

The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported on the 2nd that one new local confirmed case was found in the city’s society that day, which was found in the normalized nucleic acid test. Recently, most of the local infected persons found in Shanghai during the closed-loop control were close contacts of infected persons in Shanghai reported by other provinces, or close contacts of other provinces and cities reported to assist investigation. At present, it is the National Day holiday, the number of people coming to Shanghai and returning to Shanghai has increased, and the pressure of Shanghai’s foreign defense input and internal defense rebound continues to increase.

The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission suggested that personnel in high-risk areas of domestic epidemics and areas under static management should suspend their return to Shanghai; Fill in the relevant information in detail; cooperate with “on-the-ground inspection” when arriving in Shanghai; conduct nucleic acid testing within 24 hours after arriving in Shanghai and strengthen self-health monitoring to reduce unnecessary crowd gathering activities.

On the 1st, Ningxia added 6 new local confirmed cases and 156 asymptomatic infections, still mainly from Zhongwei City (3+140 cases). From September 20 to October 1, Ningxia reported a total of 1,700 local infections (30 confirmed cases and 1,670 asymptomatic cases) in this round of epidemic.

According to a recent official report, the epidemic in Ningxia began on September 20, and the dual strains of Omicron BA.5.2 and BA.2.76 coexisted. The epidemic situation is characterized by local concentration (Zhongning County, Zhongwei City) and multiple distribution. However, since September 27, the number of local infections in Ningxia has dropped for five consecutive days, and the epidemic situation has continued to improve.

The local epidemic in Tianjin is under control, and Shenzhen has added more than 100 new local infections in 4 days

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Tianjin reported 29 new cases of local infections on the 1st, all of whom were control personnel. Since September 26, Tianjin has reported more than 250 local infections.

According to reports, the current round of the epidemic in Tianjin began on August 27 and lasted for more than a month, affecting many parts of the city. From “8.27” to “9.14” to “9.26”, the three outbreaks that have appeared in this round of epidemic in this city may have different transmission chains.

Tianjin issued a notice on October 2, saying that the local epidemic situation in the city is currently under effective control, but the flow of people during the National Day holiday has increased, and the risk of epidemic importation still exists. Tianjin City has decided to carry out nucleic acid testing across the city on October 3. Those in the city must remain still in the place where they live before sampling. Among them, people in the Binhai New Area must remain still until the test results come out; To travel, you need to have a sampling certificate for this screening and a 72-hour nucleic acid negative certificate.

On the 1st, Guangdong Province added 17 local confirmed cases and 10 asymptomatic infections, mainly from Shenzhen (16+8). There were 101 new local infections in Shenzhen in the past 4 days, but the daily increase in infections showed a downward trend on the 1st after rising for 3 consecutive days.

According to a report from Shenzhen, there are still socially infected people in the city. Among the newly infected people on the 1st, in addition to the centralized isolation and home isolation personnel, 3 cases are key personnel of non-closed-loop management, and 1 case is a person who actively seeks medical treatment. It is reported that most of the virus in this epidemic in this city are BA.5.2 variant strains, which are highly homologous to some strains reported overseas. It cannot be ruled out that the epidemic was imported from abroad and caused local infection.

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The epidemic situation in Hohhot is on the rise, and the epidemic situation in Heihe is stable and controllable

Inner Mongolia added 26 local confirmed cases and 6 asymptomatic infections on the 1st, mainly in Hohhot (25+5). As of 24:00 on October 1, Hohhot has reported a total of 44 local confirmed cases and 11 asymptomatic infections in this round of epidemic.

Hohhot City reported on the 2nd that from the perspective of the distribution and growth of cases, the epidemic in the city showed a multi-point sporadic and continuous upward trend. At present, the city has suspended the operation of various public cultural venues, leisure and entertainment and other public places, and all restaurants have suspended dine-in. Officials advocate that citizens stay at home in principle, do not go out, do not move, and do not gather.

According to reports, on September 28, Hohhot City found the first case of this round of epidemic during the thorough inspection. The infected strain of this case belongs to the BF.7 evolutionary branch of the Omicron variant.

Heilongjiang Province added 15 local asymptomatic infections on the 1st, including 13 cases in Heihe City. As of 24:00 on the 1st, more than 600 local infections have been reported in this round of epidemic in Heihe City.

Heihe City announced on the 2nd that the newly infected people in the city were all found in the isolation and control area, and there were zero new cases in the society. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the city has dealt with the epidemic quickly and efficiently with the most resolute attitude and the most decisive measures. At present, the overall situation of the epidemic is stable and controllable. It is reported that the epidemic in Heihe City caused local transmission due to overseas imports.

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