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The dead and the living

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Odd little waves arrive every now and then, the latest of which is about the UK’s virtues in containing Covid without even resorting to Green Pass or other limitations on freedom. Yesterday for the whole day I witnessed the praise via social networks, also from popular analysts, of the fruitful British aplomb in the face of the virus. Perhaps deceived by the number of dead on Monday – forty-five, while we had been seventy – or by I don’t know what else, they hoisted the government of London to the glory of an afternoon, where, however, they do not ignore that the average deaths of the last week it is almost one hundred and fifty a day, and in Italy less than half: seventy. Nor did the parallels between them and us seem convincing, for the number of inhabitants and the total number of dead: sixty-six million to sixty for 144 thousand deaths to 133 thousand. We are even: just over two thousand deaths per million inhabitants, we just a few less. Only that in Italy we had 74,000 deaths in 2020 (mainly due to the Lombard disaster at the beginning of the pandemic) and we have had 59,000 so far in 2021; the United Kingdom had 73,000 in 2020 and 71,000 in 2021: this year twelve thousand more than us. If we take into consideration the data from September 1st, the deaths from Covid have been 10 thousand 748 for them and 3 thousand 934 for us. What is the difference due to? A little will depend on the number of vaccinated with two doses: 68.7 percent from them, 73.7 percent from us. And a little bit will depend on restrictions like the Green Pass that they don’t have and we do. They are choices, the United Kingdom cost 12,000 dead, which in our country is 12,000 alive.

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