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The deadline to calibrate taximeters in the District expired

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The deadline to calibrate taximeters in the District expired

Of 3,570 taxi-type vehicles that circulate in Santa Marta, only 2,100 have calibrated theirtaximeters.

This Saturday January 21 the deadline expired by the district mayor’s office so that taxi drivers in Santa Marta will recalibrate their taximeters and thus be able to charge the new rates established in the Decree 362 of December 26, 2022, by means of which the value of the individual public transport service of passengers in taxi-type vehicles is authorized.

“We have close than 2,100 calibrated taxi-type vehiclesthis is a number that is still low considering that the city has approximately 3,570 cars that provide this service, therefore, there are a large number of taxi drivers who have not approached to do this process,” said the Secretary of Mobility, Ernesto Castro.

In the image, a traffic policeman is seen putting the established price stickers next to the owner of the vehicle.

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He then added, “it is very important to mention that the deadline was until the 21st, which means that from January 22 we will begin with the controls on the roads to penalize vehicles that have not calibrated the equipment; this given that it is fundamental and imperative that all citizens have the peace of mind that all taxis are already properly calibrated and that the rate is being collected in what corresponds to the decree that has been assigned by the mayor’s office“.

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The measure contemplates that those who fail to comply with this provision will not be able to charge increased rates and the renewal of the vehicle control card will not be carried out. In addition, may be penalized with the offense C:18 which stipulates a fine of half the current legal minimum wage (SMLV).

Similarly, drivers should be reminded that in the 18th street with 18th race, On the outskirts of the Buen Vivir Coliseum, there is a point where you can recalibrate your your measuring devices for the collection of races.

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