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The development process of Spring Festival Transport paints a happy picture of “Mobile China” – Comments – China Engineering Network

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The development process of Spring Festival travel draws a happy picture of “Mobile China”

This year’s Spring Festival travel season starts on January 26 and ends on March 5. The 2024 Spring Festival Transport Situation and Work Arrangement press conference revealed that 9 billion people are expected to travel within 40 days, which will hit a record high. Both data hit record highs, making it the “busiest” Spring Festival in history, witnessing the vitality of China’s dynamic China.

The Spring Festival transportation affects thousands of households. This is a warm journey home, a journey that the cold wind and freezing rain cannot stop. From this exam “scored” by the people, we can not only see whether the country’s existing transportation capacity is perfect and whether the transportation capacity can meet the people’s growing travel needs, but also get more information from the Spring Festival Transport “answer sheet” More experience in promoting high-quality development of modern transportation systems.

Faced with the surge in passenger traffic during the Spring Festival, the transportation department will not only “cross the sea and show off their magical powers” and win the “favor” of passengers with discounts and service attitude, but they will also work together and relay layers to open up the “last step” for people’s travel. One Kilometer” paints a happy picture of “Flowing China”.

Travel methods are changing with each passing day, making “Mobile China” more happy. It has been 43 years since the word “Spring Festival Transport” appeared in everyone’s mind. From the original “how to go” to today’s “choice to go”, from the original “difficult to travel a hundred miles” to today’s “thousand miles in a day”, time has witnessed the “mark” of the growth of the Spring Festival, and has also witnessed the transformation of the old and the new in all transportation departments. , The development process of keeping integrity and innovation has allowed us to see a big transportation country where “people can move freely and things can flow smoothly”.

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Travel services are innovated to make “Mobile China” even brighter. Ensuring people’s travel needs is an important measure to improve people’s happiness in life. Whenever the Spring Festival comes, transportation departments in various places will actively communicate with local governments to understand people’s travel needs and allocate transportation resources.

The travel experience has been completely renewed, making “Mobile China” even more happy. Whether the travel experience is good or not depends entirely on the votes of passengers. As the quality of life improves, people’s diverse demands for travel are also gradually increasing.

Spring Festival transportation is an eternal topic and will also be an ever-changing process. The bitterness of the return journey has now become sweet, and the nostalgia is no longer out of reach, but has become a romantic feeling deeply rooted in the hearts of every Chinese. Today, on more than 9.6 million square kilometers of land, the road network extending in all directions, the convenient and efficient railway network, and the densely intertwined route network have made the beautiful vision of “people and goods flowing smoothly” a reality. In the future, a dynamic “Mobile China” will surely burst out a steady stream of development momentum. (Chen Song)

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