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The dialogue table with the Government has entered into a crisis: Eln

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The dialogue table with the Government has entered into a crisis: Eln

Tension continues between the National Liberation Army (ELN) delegations and the national government, this due to recent statements by President Gustavo Petro, where he questions the command of this guerrilla. According to a press release, the armed group assured that the dialogue table entered into crisis.

According to the letter, the ELN maintained that the table cannot be subject to the “ups and downs” of the speeches of the Head of State, for which they ask the Executive for clarity.

“The dialogue table has entered into a crisis and requiresRequire clarity on the part of the Government so that the path towards peace is cleared and we speak a coherent language to the country and the world”, says the guerrilla.

Likewise, the ELN points out that they are an organization with national politics with defined hierarchies, where all the structures are led by a single direction.

“The President’s statements publicly question our Delegation, its representativeness is questioned, therefore, the Government must publicly clarify whether it is a valid interlocutor to advance the peace process with the Government. The ELN is a National Organization, which has a national policy, legal regulations, organizational doctrine, defined hierarchies; where all its structures are led by a democratically elected National Directorate and a Central Command”, points out the statement

It should be remembered that this Friday President Petro, during the meeting with the admirals and generals of the Military Forces at the José María Córdova Military School for Cadets, pointed out that the ELN It has changed, since it considers that it is no longer an insurgent group as it used to be, since it is now fighting for territory for the illicit economy. Similarly, he indicated that these new groups are autonomous and federal.

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“(…) the ELN today, Antonio García calls it the new generation, that has another logic than theirs, that has a very different logic, the fronts are autonomous, federal, they all revolve around the illicit economy and they have little to do with Father Camilo Torres, they have the same flag, yesPetro warned.

For this reason, he brought up the experience with the ELN, of which he said “there is no ceasefire, they did not want it, there is a war in the territory, above all, between them and other groups, not with the State.” .

This Monday, the government and guerrilla delegations will meet urgently to talk about what happened and take action regarding the peace talks, which are already in their third cycle, which has been taking place in Cuba.


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