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The DMO will transform itself into a leaner and more autonomous Foundation

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The DMO will transform itself into a leaner and more autonomous Foundation

After almost two years of work, everything is ready for the transformation of the Dmo Consortium into a Foundation. The transition seems trivial, but it implies a radical change in the nature of the DMO, born as a subject of private law with significant limitations. By becoming a Foundation, the Dmo Dolomiti will finally be a subject of public law, able to receive and manage public funds directly, without having to go through the Province body.

In practice, this means that the Dmo Dolomiti Foundation will be able to take that step forward necessary to establish itself as an operational arm of the Belluno area in the promotion and development of tourism.

In the provincial council on Tuesday, the statute of the Foundation will be approved for approval which, however, will need a few more steps before reaching the signing by the notary. The next steps, in fact, provide that the transformation is also approved in the municipal councils of the member Municipalities and by the shareholders’ meeting, which will also have to assess whether the assets of the Foundation are adequate for its functions.

There will therefore also be an appraisal of the Consortium’s assets and a decision on whether or not to proceed with an increase in the share capital, a preparatory act also for accreditation in the Prefecture, as well as in the Region, given that the Foundation will also operate outside the Veneto.

Overall, therefore, the transformed DMO will see the light by the end of the year at that point it will be possible to proceed with the appointment of its bodies: board of directors, president and vice president, director and auditor, as well as obviously the general shareholders’ meeting. The decision must be refined by the assembly, but a board of directors with six members is assumed: two appointed by the member Municipalities, one by the Province and three by private members (which are trade associations and tourist consortia).

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Until the signature before the notary, all the current bodies remain in office even if their mandate has already expired. Michele Basso has just been reconfirmed as director and Alessandra Magagnin remains CEO until her transformation into a Foundation. In Dmo there are also a marketing manager and a secretary, staff that must be implemented, according to the president of the Province, Roberto Padrin: “We have reached the last phase of this transformation which aims to guarantee greater autonomy to the Dmo, which in future will be able to directly manage public funds destined for tourism. In this context, I believe that the structure needs to be strengthened to become even more competitive. The activity of the DMO is financed with the funds of the Border Municipalities for the implementation of the Vivere le Dolomiti Plan, funds that today must pass through the Province, while in the future they may be managed by the Foundation. I thank the managing director for tourism Danilo De Toni, who has done a masterful job for this passage in a complicated period of two years of pandemic ».

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