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The domestic tourism market welcomes the good news again and increases the “one size fits all” level-by-level rectification efforts_News Center_中国网

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CCTV news:On November 15, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the “Notice”, proposing that inter-provincial tourism operations will no longer be managed in conjunction with risk areas, and measures such as “one size fits all” and layer-by-layer problem rectification will be increased. The domestic tourism market is booming again.

Cross-provincial travel no longer implements joint management with risk areas

The “Notice” optimizes the inter-provincial tourism management policy, and clarifies that according to the latest risk area delineation management method, inter-provincial tourism operations will no longer be managed in conjunction with risk areas. Inter-provincial tourists need to take inter-provincial transportation with the certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours. In accordance with the requirements of “landing inspection” for cross-provincial migrants, actively guide tourists to take the initiative to carry out nucleic acid testing, and promote the advancement of prevention and control gates.

Continue to suspend the operation of inbound and outbound group tours

According to the “Notice”, travel agencies and online travel companies will continue to suspend inbound and outbound group tours, as well as the “air ticket + hotel” business. Group tours in cities at land border ports will not be resumed for the time being.

The “Notice” requires that public cultural units and cultural tourism business units should implement epidemic prevention and control measures such as scanning codes, temperature measurement, and inspections in accordance with the requirements of “limitation, appointment, and peak shifting”. A-level tourist attractions and star-rated tourist hotels must check the health code and negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours of entering the scenic spot and staying in the hotel.

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Intensify the “one size fits all” layer-by-layer rectification efforts

At the same time, all localities should intensify efforts to rectify the problem of “one size fits all” and increase the number of layers. Consolidate the responsibilities of cultural and tourism administrative departments at all levels and various industry entities, and strictly implement the unified national prevention and control policies.

Contingency plans for stranded tourists should be improved

The “Notice” also proposes that local cultural and tourism administrative departments should work with relevant departments to do a good job of reassuring and relieving stranded tourists. Formulate and improve the contingency plan for the disposal of stranded tourists. Once tourists are stranded due to the epidemic, in accordance with the principles of classified implementation, batch transfer, safety and order, and strict prevention of spillovers, scientifically organize and implement the return work of stranded tourists.

The search volume of multiple online travel platforms has doubled

With the arrival of winter, ice and snow tours, hot spring tours and island tours become more popular. The reporter learned from a number of online travel platforms that after the news was released, the number of related travel searches increased significantly. The same journey travel platform stated that the search volume for group tour products has increased by more than 600% compared with the same period the day before. The search volume of transportation products such as air tickets and train tickets also increased accordingly, with an increase of 182% and 97% respectively. According to Ctrip data, after the release of the “Notice”, the search volume of Ctrip’s inter-provincial travel products reached its peak since the National Day holiday, and the search volume of independent travel products more than doubled from the previous day.

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It will take time for travel confidence to return to pre-epidemic levels

Industry insiders said that the release of the “Notice” is conducive to further activating cross-regional population flows in the context of precise epidemic prevention. At the same time, the unified requirements for nucleic acid testing time can avoid the waste of nucleic acid testing resources caused by the inconsistency of nucleic acid testing time in various places. It is expected that domestic inter-provincial travel will usher in a round of rapid growth in a short period of time, but it will take some time for people’s travel confidence to return to the level before the epidemic.

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