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The doubts left by the case of Dilan Santiago

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The doubts left by the case of Dilan Santiago

On the one hand, the little boy’s aunt has given statements in which she affirms that Dilan’s mother, Derly Yulieth Rivas, had not shown signs of concern about the disappearance of the infant, even she herself denied this fact.

In statements to El Tiempo, Dilan’s mother stated that the disappearance occurred when she left her house to look for firewood, after having given him lunch. After this and after having reported the disappearance, there was a search team of more than 150 people accompanied by dogs looking for the little boy.

But four days later, a resident near the farm identified the child’s body located a kilometer away from his house. This is one of the unknowns that the authorities ask the most, because how can an infant of only 10 years old get so far from home.

Later it also emerged that Dilan’s parents had problems, so much so that they had decided to end their romantic relationship months ago. Even the minor’s father, Marlon Castro, had a complaint for domestic violence.

At the moment there are no people identified as being directly responsible for Dilan’s disappearance and death; the investigations will continue where the testimony of the two parents has already been heard.

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