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The driver is said to have locked children in the school bus

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The driver is said to have locked children in the school bus

The elementary school students are said to have been locked in the bus in the blazing sun for a good 30 minutes. Only as the police came, the children could go out.

In Verden, a bus driver is said to have locked around 40 children in a school bus for about half an hour – in the blazing sun. The bus company and the police confirmed that there was an incident. However, the case must first be processed, and further information will follow on Monday.

According to the police, the bus left the elementary school in Verden-Dauelsen at around 1:30 p.m. The journey is likely to have taken much longer than usual due to heavy traffic and a downtown traffic jam. According to the findings, a driver change should take place in the parking lot of a discounter on Groß Hutberger Straße in Verden-Hönisch and the 58-year-old bus driver should be replaced. While waiting for the replacement driver, the children were reportedly not let out of the bus by the 58-year-old. The exact background of the driver change and in particular the reason for the locked doors are still being determined. The exact period in which the children could not leave the air-conditioned bus is also the subject of the survey. A woman reportedly witnessed the incident and called the police.

The Verden police are not aware of any physical injuries to the children. Nevertheless, both the children and the parents who had arrived in the meantime were upset and upset. Investigations on suspicion of deprivation of liberty were initiated against the bus driver. Information from parents of affected children who were not or no longer on site will be accepted by the Verden police on 04231/8060.

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