Home News “The earth suffocates”, activists occupy a building in Vicenza – Veneto

“The earth suffocates”, activists occupy a building in Vicenza – Veneto

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“The earth suffocates”, activists occupy a building in Vicenza – Veneto

Slogan in a banner lowered from the roof of the structure


A group of activists, belonging to the “Fridays for Future Vicenza/No Tav” acronym, occupied the Girardi Tower in Vicenza this afternoon, a structure located in the western area of ​​the city, between the Fiera and the railway, then lowering a banner from the roof with the inscription “The earth suffocates – Break to breath”. The police arrived at the scene, at the moment there are no incidents.
“The Torre Girardi is emblematic for Vicenza – the activists write in a post – it represents the history of this city: it is built without respecting constraints, concrete flows take over the territory, then the years pass, twenty in this case, and behind the car in return, the illegal construction is remedied. Let’s start from this to move the steps of our reasoning: the health, the environment, the air and the water of our territory cannot be remedied even with the most important sums of money”.
In the sights of the authors of the protest, as specified in the post “the continuous exceedances of the pm10 levels in the city, San Bortolo wards with continuous accesses of children hospitalized for bronchiolitis, Pfas pollution in the water.
Despite all this, supermarkets are springing up on every corner, new subdivisions are being planned, the Tav mega-project is taking its steps despite the opposition of neighborhoods and citizens. In Vicenza, people suffocate from cement and from pollution”. (ANSA).

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