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The eight expert tips to reduce the risks of motorcycle accidents

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The “Write when you arrive” campaign. Samantha, only 16 years old, and the other victims: all the suggestions of Professor Marino Biscaro, teacher in schools for the Province of Treviso, from braking to overtaking. Almost half of the claims for “autonomous cause”

TREVISO. “Could they have been saved?” This is the question that is repeated in the face of the massacres of recent days. On this Easter bridge, the streets of the Marca were the scene of terrible crashes, three lives were broken in less than six days, leaving those who remained stunned. As in the case of peers of Samantha Renon, the sixteen-year-old girl who died in an accident last Thursday riding his motorcycle.

There are many young people who use motorcycles or scooters to go to school or move daily from one part of the city to another and the question comes back incessantly: “What if it had happened to me?” In the empty space left by a series of dynamics, including tragic fatality and application of rules, safe driving is inserted, understood as the awareness that on the road it is not enough to know how to use a succession of mechanically learned automatisms, but on the contrary that it is necessary to know and train yourself to apply the right maneuvers aimed at the specific dangerous situation.

This is the reason that prompted the Province of Treviso to join the Brand Institutes to explain directly to students how to behave when you are faced with an unforeseen event and put into practice the actions to be taken to save your life during an accident, especially when you are driving a motorcycle or moped.

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According to the latest Istat data, 42% of the most common dynamics of accidents on two wheels are autonomous road exits and only 16.8% for frontal or side impact. In 52% of accidents that saw the death of motorcyclists, no other vehicle was involved, in 21% the other vehicle did not respect the right of way, in 10% the driver did not notice the motorcyclist due to distraction.

Professor Marino Biscaro, expert trainer of the Italian Motorcyclist Federationcommissioned by the Province of Treviso to carry out the strategic project of “Prevention of road accidents and dissemination of the Culture of Safety” in secondary school, lists the fundamental rules to keep in mind in order to be able to drive safely and prevent accidents:

1.Pay particular attention at orthogonal level intersections and at the same time as petrol stations. Accidents often happen in those places, when cars turn in front of a motorcycle and cut the road.

2.Overtaking by motorbike on the right is prohibited: only overtaking without lane change is allowed (as on the motorway), it is dangerous when you are in the blind area of ​​the car and the driver may not notice the oncoming motorbike.

3.Be careful when the asphalt shows color stains due to oil or diesel leaks, they can cause loss of control and sudden fall.

4.Never take your eyes off the road, any obstacle you may encounter is potentially dangerous, so activate concentration and visual defense: your gaze must always be turned 100/150 meters ahead, this allows you to avoid an accident.

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5.The importance of braking, which means knowing how to stop in time and in the right way. It is one of the fundamental life-saving maneuvers, it is a skill that must be thought out, built, and constantly trained for one’s own safety. In safe driving tests, it is shown that traveling at 50 km / h with correct action can stop in 8/10 meters if the asphalt is in good condition and the vehicle has efficient tires, suspension and brakes.

6.Proper maintenance of the vehicle allows for efficient tires, suspension and brakes. If these conditions do not exist, there are two fundamental things to do: reduce the speed and increase the safety distance.

7.Altering the performance of the vehicles is forbidden and in the event of an accident, with technical verification of the vehicles involved, the right of compensation by the insurance company with refund of the sum of the compensation. Exceeding 45 km / h with the moped (with a displacement not exceeding 50 of displacement on a flat road with no wind, may result in a penalty from 422 to 1694 euros, administrative detention of 60 days of the moped, if the driver is a minor. penalties are borne by the parents.

8.Correct use of mandatory protections. Wearing an ill-fitting helmet causes 6% of motorcycle deaths and 29% of moped drivers’ deaths. Never wear helmets borrowed from others, the helmet is personal and must be: of the perfect size; apply light pressure; there must be no gaps between the head and the padding; the strap must be neither too tight nor too loose; it must be approved; a vote that has cushioned an impact must be replaced. It is also essential to drive with suitable clothing.

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