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The eleventh press conference on optimizing the business environment in Hebi City was held

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On June 1, the 11th press conference on optimizing the business environment in Hebi City was held. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau informed the work of optimizing the business environment and answered questions from reporters.

In 2021, Hebi City will adhere to the improvement of environmental quality as the core, and fully implement the decision and deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on strengthening ecological environmental protection and in-depth fight against pollution. .

Adhere to multiple measures to optimize the ecological environment. In 2021, Hebi City will adhere to the three principles of precise pollution control, scientific pollution control and lawful pollution control, pay close attention to pollution prevention and control, and carry out a series of tough actions; improve the ecological environment monitoring system, improve the modernization level of ecological environment governance; strengthen supervision , and strictly prevent and control environmental risks.

In 2021, the average annual concentration of PM10 in Hebi City will decrease by 4.3% year-on-year, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 will decrease by 12.3% year-on-year, and the number of excellent days will be 228, an increase of 6 days year-on-year. The annual average concentration of the responsible target sections of the seven rivers in the city has reached the provincial requirements, and the compliance rate of urban centralized drinking water sources has remained at 100%. The overall quality of the soil environment remained stable, and the safe utilization rate of contaminated farmland and construction land reached 100%. Complete afforestation and greening of 115,400 mu, accounting for 117.5% of the provincial target; increase the area of ​​urban garden green space by 203.41 hectares, the city’s urban built-up area of ​​garden green space is 2,752.09 hectares, the green coverage area of ​​the built-up area is 3,096.39 hectares, and the green coverage rate of the built-up area is 47.27%; The urban park green area is 1058.69 hectares, and the per capita park green area is 20.72 square meters.

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In 2021, the ecological environment work of Hebi City will be highlighted: as the only provincial pilot city among the ten pilots in the country, it will be selected as a pilot project for the construction of the National Intelligent Social Governance Experimental Base (Environmental Governance); the Hebi Section of the Qihe River will be nominated for the first batch of beautiful rivers and lakes The case is the only one in Henan; the province’s only “four-in-one” vein industrial park has been put into operation; the demonstration base for comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste in Shancheng District has become a national demonstration base, the only one in the province.

Adhere to the combination of rigidity and softness, and optimize the legal environment. According to the environmental credit evaluation of enterprises, performance grading level, and environmental petitions, establish a positive list of supervision and law enforcement, and implement differentiated supervision. Implement flexible law enforcement and serve enterprises to enhance their awareness of law-abiding and self-discipline. In accordance with the principle of “service, guidance, assistance, rectification, and punishment”, non-mandatory methods such as guidance, advice, reminders, and advice are adopted to implement inclusive, prudent and flexible law enforcement, and to implement the “authority” of the law and the “humanity” of law enforcement. ” is highly integrated.

Adhere to service leadership and optimize the government affairs environment. We will further promote the reform of “delegating power, delegating power, regulating and serving” in the field of administrative licensing approval, improving the linkage mechanism between planning and project EIA, reducing the preconditions for EIA approval, and simplifying the approval requirements. Optimize the approval procedures, implement “tolerance handling” for the EIA approval of some projects, implement a positive list system for EIA approval, and adopt a notification-commitment system for the approval of EIA documents included in the positive list. With the help of “Enterprise Service Day” and “Ten Thousand People Helping Ten Thousand Enterprises” and other activities, the whole process guidance service is implemented for the handling of various environmental protection procedures for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Adhere to innovative measures and optimize institutional guarantees. A leading group for business environment work was established. Carry out special supervision and inspections on the development of escort enterprises within the system, and find out problems such as insufficient responsibility for optimizing the business environment, non-fulfillment of policies, and poor work style. Print and distribute special activity plans and corporate-benefit policies, compile a compilation of corporate-benefit policies, issue policy notification cards, use the “convenience package” of corporate-aid policies, and prepare “dry shelves” of corporate-benefit measures to help companies fully enjoy policy dividends.

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