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The employee was forced to work overtime and angered the leader. The company’s latest response: not ours;

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The employee was forced to work overtime and angered the leader. The company’s latest response: not ours;

Today’s headlines

China Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. responds to “Employees Criticize Mandatory Overtime on Tomb-sweeping Day”: Non-Group Company Member Units and Employees

Recently, chat records related to the suspected “China Electronics Technology employees angry at the leader for compulsory overtime work during the Qingming Festival” were spread on the Internet. The cause of the incident is suspected to be that an employee of the Chengdu Software Development Department of China Electronics Technology (CETC) was furious because the leader arranged to work overtime during the Qingming Festival. .

The person involved claimed that his colleagues in the whole department went to get off work from 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock in the evening for a whole month, seriously violating the labor law, while the company’s leaders “lie down” leisurely at home, which aroused public outrage. This eventually led to 23 people in the software development department collectively requesting to resign, and dozens of employees in hardware and other departments also resigned.

On April 5, the spokesperson of China Electronics Technology said that the units and personnel involved in the chat records of the two WeChat groups “CETC Chengdu Division (413)” and “CETC-Software Development Section (27)” were not group companies. Affiliated member units and employees.

Domestic information

“The case of asking for tens of millions to force her husband to die” first-instance verdict: Zhai Xinxin returned tens of millions of property to the man

According to Red Star News, the sensational Zhai Xinxin case was pronounced in Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court on March 31. In the first instance, Zhai Xinxin returned Su Xiangmao’s family in cash and cars totaling nearly 10 million yuan and revoked Zhai Xinxin’s two properties in Hainan and Beijing. personal ownership.

The judgment of the case of gift contract disputes shows that according to the facts found in the trial, Zhai Xinxin and Su Xiangmao only met for more than 110 days until they agreed to divorce. feature. Zhai Xinxin coerced Su Xiangmao in order to obtain high compensation in the divorce. He did not take into account Su Xiangmao’s original intention of donating property to him, wishing to live with him, and maintaining the relationship, as well as Su Xiangmao’s subjective feelings and objective economic conditions under duress. important factor in suicide. Zhai Xinxin and Su Xiangmao’s marriage and love, and the large amount of pre-marital and post-marital property received as gifts for the purpose of increasing their own property are all within the scope of revocation.

According to this judgment, Zhai Xinxin needs to return a Tesla car worth about 1.08 million yuan to Su Xiangmao’s family; return Cartier’s diamond ring and necklace worth more than 300,000 yuan; and refund a total of more than 1.86 million yuan in transfers.

360 responds to Zhou Hongyi’s divorce: no real impact on the company

According to news on April 5, regarding the divorce of Zhou Hongyi and Hu Huan, 360 stated that the chairman of the group Zhou Hongyi and his wife Hu Huan did dissolve their marriage in an amicable manner, which is an adjustment of personal relationship. This adjustment will not lead to changes in the company’s controlling shareholder or actual controller.

The actual controller of 360 Group is still Mr. Zhou Hongyi, with 52.45% of the voting rights. Zhou Hongyi and his concerted parties have no plans to reduce their holdings in the next 12 months, and Hu Huan will not increase or reduce their holdings in listed companies in the next 6 months. Since Hu Huan did not work in 360 Group and its subsidiaries, this change has no real impact on the company’s operation and management. (Whip Cowman)

China asks U.S., Japan, Netherlands to clarify whether there is a chip export restriction agreement

Recently, the WTO Council on Trade in Goods held a meeting. At the meeting, China raised concerns about “an agreement between the United States, Japan and the Netherlands on chip export restrictions.” The Chinese representative said there was no official information on the agreement, which was widely exposed in the media. China asked the three WTO members, does the agreement exist? If so, should WTO members be notified and reviewed by WTO members?

The Chinese representative pointed out that the relevant members may have clearly realized that the agreement violated WTO rules, so they deliberately kept the content of the agreement low-key. China believes that the agreement violates the principle of openness and transparency of the WTO and undermines the authority and effectiveness of WTO rules, and requires the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands to notify the WTO of the agreement and subsequent measures, and calls on the WTO to strengthen enforcement of these measures supervision. (CCTV News)

Pinduoduo announced the upgrade of its organizational structure, with Zhao Jiazhen as co-CEO and partner with Chen Lei

On April 4, Pinduoduo Group announced that with the approval of the board of directors, co-founder Zhao Jiazhen will serve as executive director and co-CEO, and partner with Chen Lei to jointly manage the company’s business. Chen Lei said that in the future, Zhao Jiazhen will focus more on supply chain management and China business, and his focus will be more on globalization.

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According to the announcement, Zhao Jiazhen is a member of the founding team of Pinduoduo Group. He was initially responsible for the overall operation of Pinduoduo’s agricultural categories and the establishment of the upstream supply chain of agricultural products; Ranked first in internal competition; in the second half of last year, it led a team to promote the upgrade of Pinduoduo’s supply chain system. (The Paper)

After Ali announced its restructuring plan, foreign capital continued to flow into China’s stock market

Statistics show that since Alibaba announced the split of its six major business groups last week, foreign capital has been buying mainland Chinese stocks every day, with a total of 11.7 billion yuan in five days. Ali’s own stock price rose by 14%, and the MSCI China Index, which only foreign investors would buy, also rose by 4.5% in March, outperforming the 2.8% increase in global stock markets. The market believes that this flow may herald a change in the sentiment of foreign investors, and regard Jack Ma’s return to China and Alibaba’s reorganization as signs of an improvement in China’s business environment. (late)

Xiaomi: The information that Huawei Yu Chengdong will go to Xiaomi to work is not true

According to news on April 6, in response to the news that “Huawei Terminal Company President Yu Chengdong will go to Xiaomi Automobile”, the head of Xiaomi Group’s public relations responded: These are all fabricated news.

It is reported that there are rumors on the Internet that Mr. Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG, and CEO of smart car solution BU, will go to Xiaomi Automobile as the chief technology officer of Xiaomi Automobile. Also dug in the past, and introduced Huawei’s high-quality technology research and development system into Xiaomi. (36 krypton)

The founder of Pangdonglai said that working overtime is immoral: people should not only make money, but also learn to enjoy life

Recently, Yu Donglai, the founder of Fat Donglai, gave a speech at “China Supermarket Week” and denounced the “overtime” culture, saying that working overtime is immoral and shameless. People should not only make money, but also learn to enjoy life. “In Pangdonglai, you can’t work overtime. If you work overtime, you take up other people’s growth opportunities. You deprive others of their time, learning opportunities, and creating opportunities. What is the concept? It is immoral.”

Previously, Pang Donglai had been on the hot search for setting up the “Grievance Award”. The Pang Donglai Supermarket Office responded that the company does have a “Grievance Award” for employees, which is applicable to employees who stop certain uncivilized behaviors and are insulted. intimidation etc. In addition, ordinary employees have 30 days of paid annual leave, while management has 40 days. At present, the daily working hours of Pangdonglai employees are 6 to 7 hours.

The first batch of people who lost their jobs due to AI appeared. A game company laid off half of the original artists

It was reported on April 5 that a number of game companies have already introduced AI painting into the workflow to get rid of the huge talent pressure and financial anxiety in the game industry. The outsourcing team was axed. Another technical director of a game art outsourcing company also revealed that in the past month, his company has laid off half of the original artists.

According to reports, the original artist uses Al to complete the plan, and the work efficiency can be increased by at least 50%. The impact of AI on game original artists this time comes from a general-purpose plug-in called ControlNet released in February this year. On the basis of this plug-in, the AI ​​drawing software Stable Diffusion can more accurately present human body posture, picture layering, and complex three-dimensional structures, and supports users to adjust the details of the picture, which will effectively solve the problem that was difficult to solve by AI drawing before. Body details. (Times Finance)

BMW ID7 system involves false propaganda?Collective Rights Protection of Car Owners

According to news on April 5, recently, many car owners reported that the actual functions of the 2020-2021 BMW X3 and X4 vehicles they purchased did not match the advertised functions. Among them, Mr. Ding from Chongqing and Mr. Zhao from Shenzhen reported that they both had accidents due to incomplete functions and system failures of the id7 system during actual use. Facing the compensation of 6,500 yuan in cash coupons offered by BMW (China) authorized dealers, they all refused to accept it.

The employee was forced to work overtime and angered the leader. The company's latest response: not ours; Zhai Xinxin's case was sentenced to return tens of millions of assets to the man; it was rumored that Yu Chengdong's job-hopping Xiaomi was not true丨Leifeng Morning Post

In response to the discrepancy between the id7 system promotion and the actual situation, the BMW brand responded: “There are indeed vague statements on each platform, and more detailed explanations will be added later to avoid similar situations from happening again.”

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The average annual salary of new energy vehicle recruitment in 2022 is 298,800 yuan

Leifeng.com(Public number: Leifeng.com)It is learned that recently, Liepin Big Data Research Institute launched the “New Energy Vehicle Employment Trend Data Report”. The report shows that in 2022, new jobs for new energy vehicles will increase by 36.18% year-on-year, which is 1.84 times that of traditional vehicles; active talents for new energy vehicles will increase by 44.14% year-on-year, which is 10.9 times that of traditional vehicles. In terms of salary, the salary of new energy vehicles has continued to grow in the past two years, which is significantly higher than that of the traditional automobile industry. In 2021 and 2022, the average annual salary of the former recruitment is 286,100 yuan and 298,800 yuan, 84,600 yuan and 77,700 yuan higher than the latter. (China Auto News)

Keike responded that Lianjia has switched to franchise mode in cities other than Beijing and Shanghai: the news is not true

On the evening of April 5, some media reported that Lianjia, a direct-sale real estate brokerage brand under Keike, plans to transform direct-sale stores in 27 cities except Beijing and Shanghai into franchise stores. The adjustment plan is expected to start as soon as the second quarter of 2023 and be completed before the end of the year.

In this regard, Shell said that this is false news. Keike said that it has recently launched the Lianjia Partner 2.0 model of “partnership management and direct management” in Xiamen, Zhongshan, and Wuxi. Broker’s commission distribution ratio. At the same time, under this model, Lianjia still retains management positions such as the city director or general manager of Lianjia.

Taobao merchant Qingming launches space burial service, 50,000 yuan to send ashes of the deceased into space

On the eve of the Ching Ming Festival, Star Wish Aerospace announced at a press conference that it will officially launch a space burial service on Taobao, which can send the ashes of the deceased into space with a satellite, with a minimum of 50,000 yuan. Wang Hao, the person in charge of the Taobao Space Star Wish Space Mall, said that Star Wish Space has completed the satellite launch and realized the loading of objects into the sky. Space burial supports loading photos, physical objects or relics of the deceased into the interior of the satellite without affecting the function of the satellite, and launching it into space through a carrier rocket. (36 krypton)

Cainiao’s first air cargo center settled in Shenzhen: package efficiency increased by 30%

Recently, Cainiao signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport. The two parties will jointly build Cainiao International Express’s first air cargo center in China, which is expected to be officially put into operation within this month. The air cargo center is located inside Shenzhen Airport, which can realize the rapid transfer of parcels and goods between the airside and landside of the airport, including functions such as distribution and sorting, airside boarding, customs inspection, customs clearance declaration, etc. Embedded” and equipped with digital logistics technology and equipment, such as LEMO PDA, digital customs clearance system and freight center WMS system, etc., the efficiency of parcel warehousing processing is expected to be optimized by 20%-30%.

International information

Canada opens investigation into OpenAI over data security concerns

According to Agence France-Presse, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) announced on the 4th that it has begun to investigate OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, involving complaints that “accuse OpenAI of collecting, using and disclosing personal information without consent.”

Italy’s data protection authority temporarily disabled ChatGPT late last month and launched an investigation into the tool for alleged violations of privacy rules. The agency believes that on March 20, the ChatGPT platform experienced a loss of user conversation data and payment service payment information. In addition, the platform did not inform about the collection and processing of user information, and there is no legal basis for collecting and storing a large amount of personal information. (Interface News)

Due to the high demand, ChatGPT temporarily closed Plus payment

ChatGPT has temporarily closed the $20/month Plus paid service. On the upgrade interface, OpenAI stated that “the upgrade service has been suspended due to too much demand.” It is understood that ChatGPT Plus service privileges include normal access during peak hours, faster response speed, and priority access to new features. The inability to upgrade to the paid version Plus will not affect the normal conversation between the user and ChatGPT, but the free version users cannot use the new model GPT-4 and the beta version of the plug-in. At present, OpenAI has not publicly stated when the Plus paid service will resume.

Johnson & Johnson plans to pay $8.9 billion for baby powder suspected of causing cancer

Johnson & Johnson said on the 4th that it plans to pay $8.9 billion in compensation over the next 25 years to resolve claims that its baby powder and other talc-containing products are suspected of causing cancer.

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Johnson & Johnson said in a statement that its subsidiary LTL Management, which is involved in the claims, has refiled for bankruptcy protection in order to reach a restructuring plan that will “fairly and efficiently” resolve claims against its talc-containing products. But Johnson & Johnson still denies allegations that its talc-containing products cause cancer. Neither LTL Management’s first or second bankruptcy filing is an admission of wrongdoing, and Johnson & Johnson’s position on the safety of its talc-containing products has not changed, the statement said.

Tests show that iOS 16.4 has reduced the battery life of multiple iPhones

It is reported that Apple released the iOS 16.4 update last week. According to tests by the channel iAppleBytes, the iOS 16.4 version has reduced the battery life of several iPhones compared to previous versions.

The tests involved models such as iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone 8, and it was found that their battery test scores all dropped, some even dropped by double digits. For example, the iPhone 13’s battery score dropped 11 percent, and the iPhone 12’s dropped 12 percent. It is reported that Apple will soon launch the iOS 16.4.1 version, which may solve the above-mentioned battery life and other issues. (IT House)

Samsung Electronics sees first-quarter profit plunge 92% to 14-year low

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics’ first-quarter profit is expected to plunge 92% to the lowest level in 14 years, due to a worsening chip glut and a slowdown in buyers such as data centers and computer makers amid a global economic slowdown. purchase.

Samsung Electronics’ first-quarter operating profit likely fell to 1.08 trillion won (currently about 5.648 billion yuan), according to the Refinitiv SmartEstimate of 27 analysts. This is the lowest level since a profit of 590 billion won in the first quarter of 2009, compared with an operating profit of 14.12 trillion won (currently about 73.848 billion yuan) last year.

Wikipedia founder talks about using AI to write articles

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales was recently interviewed to discuss using AI to write Wikipedia articles. Wales said that the current discussion results in the community are cautious about this. We are still some distance away from allowing ChatGPT to write an entry, but it is hard to say how far away, but it is definitely closer than we thought two years ago. One of the big problems with AI chatbots is nonsense — what the industry calls hallucinating. It makes things up out of thin air. That’s pretty bad for an online encyclopedia. Wales believes that AI technology can help Wikipedia in other ways, such as allowing AI to compare two entries to see if there are contradictory statements. However, AI represented by ChatGPT is still unable to recognize its own contradictions. You point out its mistake, it apologizes but keeps returning bullshit responses. (geek)

Amazon gaming division announces layoffs of more than 100 people

On April 6th, on Tuesday local time, executives of Amazon’s gaming department announced that they would lay off more than 100 people. In a memo to employees, Amazon gaming vice president Christoph Hartmann wrote that the layoffs involved the Game Growth team that is part of Amazon’s video game division, the Amazon San Diego Game Studios and the Amazon Game Studios. The Prime Gaming team that provides gaming services for members. Hartman said some employees would be relocated to other projects “in line with our strategic priorities.” (Netease Technology)

Twitter becomes the defendant again: last year’s mass layoffs were suspected of breaking the law

It is reported that Twitter once again encountered lawsuits. The plaintiffs allege that the social media giant illegally fired outsourced contractors without notice after it was acquired by Elon Musk last year. The lawsuit alleges that Twitter fired a large number of outsourced employees dispatched by human resources company TEK Systems in November last year, but failed to notify relevant employees 60 days in advance, as required by national and California laws.

Google says its AI supercomputing system is faster and more energy-efficient than Nvidia’s A100

Google recently released the latest details about the supercomputer it uses to train artificial intelligence models. Google said in the paper that for a system of the same size, its TPU chip is 1.7 times faster and 1.9 times more energy efficient than a system based on the Nvidia A100 chip.

It is reported that Google’s tensor processing unit (TPU chip for short) is a special chip customized by the company for machine learning. The first generation was released in 2016 to provide computing power for the popular AlphaGo at that time. At present, more than 90% of the company’s AI training work is done through TPU chips.

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