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The Eye of the Secret Realm Friends of Human Calendar

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The Eye of the Secret Realm Friends of Human Calendar

The Eye of the Secret Realm Friends of Humanity Calendar丨Spoon-billed Duck: Beak like a spatula, loves “long travel”

Editor’s note:

The boar is down! “Monkey Paper” has arrived on my balcony! News of wild animals coming to the city is popping up on social media. In fact, we are surrounded by so many native wild animals that we know very little about. Understanding, friendship, and companionship, all things can live in harmony with each other, and cultivate in their own way. Xinhua Daily·Meeting Point, together with Jiangsu Wildlife Conservation Station, Jiangsu Forestry Research Institute, Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo, etc., launched the “Eye of Mystery · Friends of Humanity” calendar column, which will take you through infrared cameras, animal observers, etc. From the perspective of etc., to pay attention to the familiar and mysterious “animal neighbors”. Biodiversity is the basis of survival and vitality of the human homeland. Every solar term, we will also invite the solar term official to make a special recommendation and broadcast on that day. Today, let’s get to know the Spoon-billed Duck together.

Shovel-shaped mouth, foraging tool

The most striking part of the spit-billed duck is its large mouth, which is wide in the front and narrow in the back. The end of the mouth is spoon-shaped. The whole mouth looks like a lute and a spatula. Of course, the natural “tool” cannot be wasted. In addition to looking for food in the water, the shovel-billed duck also extends its shovel-shaped mouth into the swamp near the water to catch mollusks such as snails, or shells such as shrimp and crabs. animal. When swimming in shallow water, it also sticks its head underwater and inserts its mouth into the bottom soil for food. Therefore, the nickname of the shovel duck is also called “shovel duck”.

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What are the habits of the Spoon-billed Duck?

Spoon-billed ducks inhabit rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps and other places in open areas, and sometimes appear in sewage ponds and paddy fields near villages and towns. They often live in pairs or in small groups of 3-5. During the migratory season, shovel-billed ducks form larger groups.

Spoonbill ducks usually arrive at their breeding grounds in mid to late April. Once there, the males are busy occupying the nesting area, while the females start looking for a nesting spot. Their nests are relatively rudimentary, usually by slightly trimming natural pits in the mud, and placing dry leather stems or hay leaves in them.

The spout-billed duck with a big mouth looks clumsy, but its mobility is not bad. Its wings are very powerful, and it can fly quickly in short distances. When swimming, the shovel-billed duck is also very flexible.

long migration route

In China, the spit-billed duck breeds mainly in western and northeastern Xinjiang, as well as in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces. After that, in order to survive the winter, the spit-billed duck will migrate to southern Tibet, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Taiwan Province. When migrating, they pass through Liaoning Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and other places.

Written by: Jin Yiwei

Beauty Editor: Zheng Lingling

Image source: Visual China

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