Home News The Farnèse D’Or is born, an award celebrating Italy-France ties. Exchange of 84 billion

The Farnèse D’Or is born, an award celebrating Italy-France ties. Exchange of 84 billion

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The Farnèse D’Or is born, an award celebrating Italy-France ties.  Exchange of 84 billion

Italy and France are less and less competitors and more and more oriented towards a substantial collaboration that allows for the definition of common strategies in Europe, lines of action capable of pursuing mutual interests. A relationship between Italy and France that found with the Quirinal Treaty – signed at Villa Madama by Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron in the presence of the Italian head of state Mattarella – the framework for relaunching an economic and economic partnership. commercial.

The numbers show that the game is already being played today: 1764 French companies in Italy and 1767 Italian companies in France, with an exchange of 84 billion euros. Together the two countries represent a market of 167 million consumers and 30% of the EU’s GDP, with 400,000 jobs created by mutual investment. Rome and Paris are also at the forefront of innovation, contributing 23% to R&D investments in the EU.

The initiative at Palazzo Farnese

The opportunity to outline these perspectives (and these scenarios) was provided by the Gala del Farnèse d’or, the event promoted in the setting of Palazzo Farnese in Rome by CCI France Italie (the French Chamber of Commerce in Italy) to reward the protagonists of the economy, politics and culture in relations between the two countries.

The winners: from Giorgetti and Brunetta to Scannapieco

5 awards were awarded. The Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti and the Head of Public Administration Renato Brunetta and the Minister for Foreign Trade and the Attractiveness of the French Republic Franck Riester have obtained recognition in the political sphere; the CEO of Cdp Dario Scannapieco and Nicolas Dufourcq president of BPI France (French public investment bank) have obtained the award in the institutional field. For the economy, the award went to Stellantis; for culture to actor Roberto Benigni and for innovation, Isabelle Andrieu, co-founder and president of Translated and co-founder of PI Campus and CEO of Pi – School was awarded.

Masset (French ambassador to Italy): the two economies are integrating

Wanted by the French Chamber of Commerce in Italy, realized thanks to the sponsor of numerous companies operating in the two countries, the award was born not by chance after the Quirinale Treaty, which created a political framework for collaboration between Italy and France and for the pursuit of interests. common. “There is a great flow of Italian investments in France at the moment, especially in the field of research,” underlined Christian Masset, Ambassador of France to Italy, who spoke at the press conference to present the initiative. “The two economies – he added – are integrating more and more. Companies are becoming more and more united. An example? Italy and France are developing an important project on hydrogen, to ensure that there is a real European offer ». The context, even geopolitical, is not the same as it was a few years ago. «Brexit has changed the balance – Masset observed again -, leading to greater integration between Italy, France and Germany. The pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have made us rediscover interdependence. In the past we have perhaps overlooked the potential of collaboration between Italy and France. Now things have changed. We have many convergences, which must be transformed into common actions. This Europe must have a strong Italian-French engine ».

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