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The feat of Pitti, Dalbard and Morgani: Giro d’Italia by bike, 4,000 km in 21 days

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After three weeks of travel, the three cyclists Maurizio Pitti, Marco Dalbard and Franco Morgani concluded their Giro d’Italia by bicycle. An undertaking that has seen them pedaling continuously for all twenty Italian regions, touching all the regional capitals. They left Aosta on 21 August and went down the boot to Palermo, and then up the peninsula to Milan.

A trip that lasted three weeks in which the three cyclists, two from Donnas and one from Quincinetto, traveled over four thousand kilometers: «We are tired but satisfied – comment the three protagonists -. At the start we hoped to complete the planned lap but we weren’t sure, there were many unknowns. But now we are super satisfied, the weather has helped us, apart from a few summer rains and a few unforeseen events, the rest went well, the body and head held up well, as did the three bicycles, apart from punctures ».

The numbers that describe the journey are remarkable: an average of 200 km per day, just over four thousand km traveled, over twenty one thousand meters of elevation gain, 21 days of travel, twenty regional capital cities touched, twenty regions crossed, three punctures, three nights sleep in the hotel while the rest outdoors with mattress and sleeping bag, about 6/7 liters of water drunk per day.

There were some curiosities that the three friends will remember for a long time as when they unknowingly found themselves pedaling in a 5 km long tunnel where cars and trucks whizzed by at high speed, or one of the last nights when they were sleeping in a public park awakened by the irrigation water that has completely wet them, or some places of extraordinary beauty such as Rome as well as others, such as Potenza, Catanzaro or Campobasso where getting there was a real challenge due to their position in the mountains.

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It is then impossible to forget the charm of Venice as opposed to the destruction caused by the earthquake still visible in the city center of L’Aquila. In short, a journey throughout Italy with a thousand emotions that Maurizio, Franco and Marco will always take with them. –

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