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The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University Raises Upsurge of Great Learning and Discussion Activities- Education- Southeast Net Xiamen Channel

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Xiamen Daily News (Reporter Chu Yan) General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the 40th anniversary of the construction of Xiamen Special Economic Zone, which deeply inspired and inspired the vast number of medical staff in Xiamen. The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University has raised a wave of large-scale study and discussion activities, and transformed the effectiveness of party history study and education and large-scale study and discussion activities into practical measures to start a business and serve the people. The brand is getting brighter and brighter, the power of the “locomotive” of the party organization is getting stronger and stronger, and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members is becoming more and more prominent.

Deepen study discussion

Deeply understand the decisive meaning of “two establishments”

“General Secretary Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter is a ‘mobilization order’. We must take the great study and discussion activities as an opportunity to unswervingly follow the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping to promote the high-quality development of the hospital and meet the multi-level and diverse needs of the people. Medical and health service needs.” At the special study meeting of the theoretical study center group of the Party Committee of the First Hospital, Li Weihua, Secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, talked about his learning experience.

In the large-scale study and discussion activities, the First Hospital adhered to the above rate, and the party committee and each party branch of the hospital played an exemplary and leading role, and carried out in-depth, targeted and effective thematic study. Through the large-scale study and discussion activities, the majority of party members, cadres and medical staff in the hospital deeply understand the decisive significance of the “two establishments”, enhance the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidences”, achieve “two maintenances”, and continue to improve political Judgment, political comprehension and political execution ensure that the decisions of the Party Central Committee and the provinces and cities are implemented in the hospital without compromise.

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Insist on pioneering and innovating

Be a good guardian of people’s life and health

“General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the expectation and goal of striving to take the lead in realizing socialist modernization. As medical staff, the most important thing is to be the guardian of people’s life and health.” Li Weihua introduced that the majority of party members, cadres and medical staff of the First Hospital promote learning through learning Work hard, keep the general secretary’s entrustment in mind and practice hard.

The hospital earnestly understands the requirements of “standing the tide and marching forward bravely”, finds the positioning of the medical and health cause in the development of the special zone, and forms an entrepreneurial atmosphere of fighting for the first and first. Oriented to meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment of major diseases, the hospital will accelerate the construction of key clinical specialty groups, intensify efforts to promote medical technology innovation, and play a regional leading role in many aspects. Following the first Da Vinci robotic surgery in Southwest Fujian in June 2019, the number of robotic surgeries in the First Hospital has successfully exceeded 1,000. Recently, the evaluation results of the second batch of clinical medical research centers in Fujian Province have been announced. The First Hospital has been approved for two new centers, namely the Fujian Provincial Gynecology Reproductive Health Clinical Medical Research Center and the Fujian Provincial Chronic Glomerular Disease Clinical Medical Research Center. Last year, the first batch of accredited clinical medical research centers for brain diseases in Fujian Province reached 3 in total, accounting for 60% of the total in Xiamen, which vigorously promoted the research on clinical diagnosis and treatment technology and the transformation, promotion and application of medical achievements. In addition, Xiamen’s first large-scale Class A medical equipment spiral tomography radiotherapy system (TOMO) has also completed the installation and commissioning of the First Hospital, and will be put into use soon to benefit patients.

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