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The First Filing Line for Undergraduate Admissions in Hunan Revealed: Tsinghua University Tops in Physics, Peking University in History

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The first filing line for the undergraduate batch in Hunan has been released, revealing the highest scores for Physics and History. After 18 days of anticipation, the Hunan Provincial Education and Examination Institute announced the first batch of undergraduate admissions on July 20. The highest score for the history category was achieved by Tsinghua University’s 102nd group with 666 points, followed by Peking University’s 103rd group with 658 points and Fudan University’s 101st group with 656 points. In the physics category, Group 104 of Tsinghua University topped the list with 688 points, followed by Group 104 of Peking University with 685 points and Group 103 of Tsinghua University with 684 points. Experts were invited to analyze the changes in this year’s filing line compared to previous years.

The colleges and universities included in the filing line announcement are all undergraduate institutions in Hunan that have launched enrollment plans this year. Each college has multiple professional groups, each with its own filing line and specific majors. For example, Tsinghua University’s 102nd group for the history category includes majors such as liberal arts experimental class (Xinya Academy), liberal arts experimental class (economics, finance, and management), and social science experimental class. As for the physics category, Tsinghua University’s 104th group includes majors like science experimental classes (chemical biology), clinical medicine (Concord), clinical medicine (excellent physician-scientists), and engineering experimental classes (Xiuzhong College). Peking University’s Group 104 in physics includes various majors such as astronomy, engineering experimental classes, philosophy, economics, and journalism and communication.

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In terms of national ranking, the professional groups with the highest scores in the history category include Shanghai Jiaotong University’s 101st group with 652 points, Tsinghua University’s 305th group, and Peking University’s 305th group, both with 649 points. In the physics category, Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Group 102 scored 683 points, followed by Fudan University’s Group 103 with 681 points, and Peking University Health Science Group’s 101st group with 678 points.

Among the colleges and universities in Hunan, the 102nd group of Hunan University achieved the highest score in the history category with 612 points. In the physics category, the 109th group of Central South University topped the list with 662 points.

Analysis of the filing lines reveals that various professional groups in Sino-foreign cooperative education have multiple vacancies. Furthermore, even some “Double First-Class” universities have unfilled professional groups, which is relatively rare. For example, Beijing Sports University and Ningbo University have not reached full capacity in their corresponding professional groups. Ouyang Wenbang, the founder of Changsha Wenbang Education Consulting Co., Ltd., pointed out that many Chinese-foreign cooperative education professional groups have requirements for English scores, which may cause candidates to give up if their scores are not up to par.

Ouyang Wenbang also warned candidates not to overlook the upcoming first call for volunteers on July 25. He mentioned that compared to the previous year, more colleges and universities have unfilled professional groups, including many public undergraduate institutions. The reasons for this could be candidates paying more attention to the impact of majors on their future development and being less willing to settle for certain colleges and universities. Additionally, some professional groups have specific subject requirements for selection, leading to lower application numbers and unfulfilled vacancies.

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As the admission process continues, candidates are advised to stay informed and make timely decisions to ensure they do not miss out on opportunities.

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