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The former site of Beijing Women’s Higher Normal School opens today, Lu Xun once taught here

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  Liu Hezhen once studied here, Lu Xun once taught here, “Remember Liu Hezhen” was born here

The former site of Beijing Women’s Higher Normal School opens today

Our reporter Zhang Gao

“Next, please visit the third part of the exhibition. They joined the revolution from here…” In the auditorium of Lu Xun Middle School, Jiang Faluzheng, a first-year senior, practiced her explanation over and over again. She will become Beijing Women’s Higher Normal School (Jingshi Women’s Normal School). The small lecturer at the old school site. Starting today, the school where Miao Boying, Liu Hezhen, and Yang Dequn have studied will be officially opened, and the reception unit will make an appointment to visit it.

Li Dazhao and Lu Xun once coached here

Turn west along the south entrance of Shenzheng Hutong, and you will see the south gate of Lu Xun Middle School. The big characters “Jingshi Women’s Normal School” come into view. With a blue-gray facade, round arches, and red window frames, this is a Western-style building complex in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Sitting north facing south, three entrances, four rows of buildings, and a west courtyard.

In the old school site, the “They Start from Here” theme exhibition has been completed. The exhibition route starts from the south gate.

The first building on the first floor was a small two-story building. More than 90 years ago, Li Dazhao, Lu Xun, Cai Yuanpei and others taught here, resting and preparing lessons in several rooms on the west side of the second floor. Now, it is still used as a teacher’s office.

Opposite the office building is the teaching building. Liu Hezhen, Yang Dequn, and Miao Boying are in this building to teach, study, and pursue the truth of Marxism.

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As soon as he entered the courtyard, there was a statue of Mr. Lu Xun. The thin face and firm eyes stared into the distance.

“This is the first important point of the tour route.” said Wang Nan, the head of the Youth League Committee and an instructor. The statue of Lu Xun is not only a symbol of the school, but also a “landmark” for the progressive female students to break through the feudal ideology. “At the time, the martyrs Liu Hezhen could not move around the school as freely as we do now. At first, they could only move around in the study room of the Second Entrance Hospital and the dormitory area of ​​the Third Entrance Hospital. After accepting the progressive thinking, they broke the door. The limitation of the door’s failure.” Wang Nan said.

Lu Xun wrote his famous article here

Walking all the way to the courtyard, surrounded by green plants is the monument to “March 18 Martyrs Liu Hezhen and Yang Dequn”.

The pointed monument is like the edge of a sword, telling the bravery and fearlessness of the martyrs. On March 18, 1926, more than 5,000 people in Beijing, presided over by Li Dazhao, protested in Tiananmen Square, demanding to reject the Eight Kingdoms Pass. The Duan Qirui government actually ordered the shooting, killing 47 people on the spot. Among the dead were Liu Hezhen and Yang Dequn, students of the Jingshi Women’s Normal School.

When Mr. Lu Xun attended the memorial service for two martyrs, he wandered in a small corridor not far from the monument, and finally decided to write something for Liu Hezhen. The masterpiece “Remember Liu Hezhen” in the middle school textbook was born.

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“This is the second important place to visit. I hope every visitor can learn about the history of the March 18th tragedy here and relive “Remembering Liu and Zhenjun”.” Wang Nan said.

They start from here

“They start from here” themed exhibition is in the school auditorium.

A hundred years ago, China was precarious and humiliated the poor and weak. A group of female students who were inspiring to save the nation from peril started from here and rose up to fight.

The memorabilia of the women’s movement in modern China tells the historical nodes from the establishment of the China Women’s Association, the earliest women’s organization in Shanghai in 1897, until the Beijing Women’s Normal School was changed to Beijing Women’s Higher Normal School in 1919.

According to a survey of employment intentions of graduates of Beijing Women’s Higher Normal School in 1924, many students chose teachers, supervisors, and academic affairs. According to Wang Nan, at that time, the mainstream social thought for women was still returning to the family. Among the 274 students who graduated from female normal colleges that year, a very high proportion of them had graduation services or graduated employment intentions. “This just proves the propelling role of the women’s liberation movement.”

Replicas of exhibits such as “New Youth”, “Women’s Review”, Li Dazhao’s “Material Historical Conception”, and other exhibits, telling the ideological enlightenment of progressive female students such as Miao Boying, Liu Hezhen, Yang Dequn, etc. after Li Dazhao, Lu Xun and others taught here part-time. Thought has become the key to their pursuit of freedom and truth.

A table of party organizations under the jurisdiction of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China shows that after the establishment of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, it has strengthened its leadership over the organization. The first grassroots organization established by the party in the Xicheng area was the Xicheng branch of the Communist Party of China with Miao Boying as its secretary.

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“Miao Boying, Liu Hezhen, Yang Dequn, Shi Pingmei, Xu Guangping… They are all outstanding women who have come out of here, and they are our role models.” Wang Nan said. Jiang Falu on the side practised her explanation while gazing at the photos of the martyrs. In the hearts of students like her, it is luck and responsibility to be able to study with the martyrs. “Today’s happy life can comfort the martyrs, and we must also Study hard and pass on the red spirit.” said a student.

Since the old site is located in the school, in order to ensure school running order and the safety of teachers and students, the school can only open a limited area and receive limited appointments for visitors.

Visit information

At present, only a limited area is open, and reservations by units and groups are accepted, and visits by tourist groups and individuals are not accepted.

Reception time: Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (except winter and summer vacations and statutory holidays) 15:30 to 17:00. No more than 70 people can be received at a time. During the summer vacation, visits are received from 14:00 to 18:00 every Monday to Friday.

Appointment Tel: 010-66035483 (same number for fax).

Arrive at the school appointment location: Beijing Lu Xun Middle School Party and Government Office.


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